The Red Tennis Knickers – Part Three

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The Red Tennis Knickers – Part 3

Nancy had made the team with having played even with me. She was duly welcomed and couldn’t help an occasional rub when I visited her Frivolity Boutique. A few weeks later, she invited Jeremy and I for lunch on Sunday.

Jeremy had teased me into wearing a miniskirt. He even chose one I rarely wore because I felt it was too short. I had cut a few roses from my garden for our hostess, and Jeremy brought a bottle of French champagne. They warmly welcomed us and I was surprised by Nancy’s mini being shorter than mine. I was intrigued with by old belt without a buckle on the coffee table. She casually picked it up and took it to the kitchen with a surprising glint in her eyes.

After the apéritif I offered to help her in the kitchen, and couldn’t help a surprised and silent, “Oh!” when she had bent down to take the roast out of the oven. I had seen a wide reddish stripe across the back of her thighs.

Back around the table, I was surprised by the shrimp cocktails. Although decorated with salmon eggs, they looked supermarket made. Adam told with a matter-of-fact tone. “We should have had avocados with salmon eggs, but Miss Scatterbrain forgot the avocados. She of course tasted a good belting.” She blushed crimson and wriggled in her chair.

Jeremy mused. “A belting… Interesting… Josy has a history of speeding tickets, maybe I should…” He didn’t say more, it was enough for me to blush as a peony, and my glow felt even warmer as I imagined Jeremy applying his belt to my bare bottom…

A few days later at the tennis club, we were preparing for a major competition with a London club. Miss Davenport had turned into a sergeant major. She drilled us into various muscular exercises. On the grassy slope by the courts she had us do press-ups, legs up pedaling, and abdominal crunches. She also regularly threatened to use our sorority paddle. “A crimson bare butt paddling in front of the whole club might work wonders…”

Our tennis skirts are quite short and Nancy’s upper cheeks blushed as red as her lower ones when she exposed them with the toe touching exercises. I soon saw that she wasn’t the only girl to have displeased her hubby. Without another speeding ticket, Jeremy hadn’t had the opportunity to make good on his treat, but I had a feeling that I would soon be a member of that club.

I was about to dream of Jeremy unbuckling his belt while I was raising my miniskirt when Miss Martinet Davenport called us on the main court. “We have one of the official umpires visiting. Please welcome Miss Hildegard. We politely applauded. Nancy whispered, “She has a mustache!” I hushed, “She looks like a grizzly.” She announced, “Girls, we are going to have games as if on the day of the competition.”

Miss Davenport paired us. We all had to face a team member a touch above our league. For me it was Edith. She had a bitchy reputation. She also played like a bitch with systematically aiming for the sidelines.

After two controversial sidelines which weren’t spotted by Miss Grizzly Umpire, I exploded. “Its out! All of her sidelines were out! She deserves a red card! Then I overstepped the mark. “Do you need a pair of glasses?!”

She jumped down from her tall umpire chair and charged towards me blowing smoke. “I am going to give you a red card of my own!” She had me draped over the net with my bottom up in the air. She pulled my little skirt out of the way and yanked my frilly tennis knickers into my rear valley. I was virtually bare bottom in front of the whole team and a few more courts. She took one of my shoes and walloped my bum. I pedaled with each stroke. I couldn’t see how crimson she tanned my bottom, but I sure felt it. She obviously had plenty of experience and had me bawling like a school girl.

When she decided that I had enough, she pulled me up from the net, and both my hands flew under my short skirt to rub my incandescent derriere.

“For the games, next week, you will wear the red punishment knickers I’ll be giving you later. Everyone will understand that you have been a naughty girl , even if your bottom has mostly recovered its natural color.”

She allowed me to rematch. I was well motivated by my throbbing bum. I gave Edith a few of my best cannonballs. I had put my back and red derriere into them! I eliminated Miss Sidelines in one set.

Later, in the locker room after shower, Nancy teased, “There’s a pair of crocodiles eating your buns!”

“Huh! What?”

“She printed the Lacoste logo of your shoes on your butt!”

I was sure that she was teasing, but I looked. “I don’t see any crocs, but I feel long sharp teeth chewing it up!”

That night Jeremy and I had great horizontal gymnastic. I drifted into sleep thinking that there must be something about a hot bottom and…zzzzzz. Next day at the bank I was squirming in my seat.

To be continued.


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