Echo – Part 6

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Echo part 6

I got three days off from med school with my sore knee, but Meghan and Marjorie took turn bringing me plenty of preps and homework. Ma’am came every day and saw that I dit d it all, but I was spank free! She also brought me more of her great home cooking. That hooligan was identified by the pub’s head waiter, and he bought me a superb new bike to avoid a lawsuit.

A month later, Meghan wanted to attend the opening matinee of the latest Bridget movie to be followed with autograph signing by the leading actors. She had convinced Marjorie, and the two of them worked me over, “The lab is always crowed!” That was true. “Jeremiah and Chloe skipped it a week ago, and they weren’t missed.” I nodded. Chloe had told me of her romantic escapade. Then my naughty friends used the sledgehammer argument.

“Hugh is such a heartthrob!”

I resisted, and Marjory queried. “Has he got a hairy chest?”

Meghan had no doubt. “Yes!”

I surrendered. “Count me in!”

Then it was the day. We had packed our super daring jeans, and we changed into the loos of med school. Marjorie teased me and Meghan, “Naughty girls! Those are called camel toe jeans!”

We rode breathlessly to the theater. The movie with a giant screen and great romantic music had us dreaming. We felt like we were in his arms for the final kiss.

While we waited for our autographed posters, we hummed. “Its Raining Men.”

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A few girls behind us clapped, and we offered a few suggestive dance steps. There were a couple of flashes. It was a great afternoon!

Next day at med school a few friends applauded when they saw us, and sang,

It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining Men! Amen!
I’m gonna go out and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet…

We were quite confused, and they showed us a tabloid with a picture of the three of us. The caption read, “Three girls in the spirit of Bridget’s premiere!” That pic didn’t miss the anatomically correct detail of our jeans or our swaying hips.

A few minutes later, our lab professor asked for our log books and wrote. “Hopefully there are still some parents who know about traditional discipline.” We blushed like tomatoes when we read that. “We’re toasts!”

At 2 PM on the dot, I pressed Ma’am’s buzzer while tugging down my pleated skirt. I had a whole swarm of butterflies in my tummy.

She opened, and I noticed that she had The Frown. She led the way to her miniature classroom. I followed the established routine, opened my satchel, and gave her my log book before standing at attention in front of her desk. She read out loud, “Hopefully there are still some parents who know about traditional discipline.” and added, “A gentleman of tradition!”

Then she opened a tabloid with The Pic, “I got that from Gladys, the wife of our building’s caretaker.”

I nodded and lowered my head.

“In my days, naughty girls who skipped school were caned on their bare bottom in front of the whole family. My daughter did the exact same thing and was caned. She learned the lesson and never again absconded from school.”

I kept my head down.

“You deserve to be punished, don’t you agree?”

I again nodded and whispered, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Loud and clear repeat, I deserve to be punished !”

I wasn’t as loud as her, “I deserve to be p… pu… pu… punished, Ma’am.”

“Very well. Take off your knickers, leave them on your desk, and hold your skirt up, back and front. For those indecent jeans, it will be the belt. Each time you drop your skirt, it will be an additional stroke. For having skipped school, it will be the famous six of the best, and my very best they will be!”

I pleaded for her not to open the window. “Mrs Gladys will be happy to know that this naughty girl is properly punished.” I felt so bare with holding my skirt up around my waist and felt the breeze caressing my curls.


I couldn’t help squealing each time she smacked my thighs.


I danced on the spot and dropped my skirt twice and got two additional strokes.


Then she had me lay across my desk with my burning thighs and throbbing bum, and caned me.

With the cane I did more than squealing, I bawled!



Then she told me to stand in front of the blackboard with my hands on top of my head. She made sure that my skirt remained up to expose my punished derriere, “Sniff … Sniff …” I knew that the opened window was right behind me and prayed that Mister hairy chest wasn’t back from work.

After a very long corner time, I felt that she gently rubbed my bum with a cooling gel. Then she gave me a hug. “I am sorry Ma’am.”

She had allowed me not to put back my knickers. As I only had to cross the courtyard, I made sure that my skirt wouldn’t be pulled up by Pimpled-Face.

Nat accompanied me to my apartment and helped with after spanking care.

“Whoa! You got belted and caned! What did you do?”

“I skipped an afternoon at the lab.”

“Whoa! I have never dared to skip school.”



To be continued…

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