Echo – Part Seven (The Epilogue)

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Echo Part 7

The Epilogue

Over the next couple of years, we saw the following Bridget movies without skipping med school. Marjory and I always had fun teasing Meghan, “Remember how you got us caned with the premiere of the first movie?!”

“I didn’t pull the two of you by the hair!”

We laughed.

“And I got quite a belting!”

“It isn’t the same as the cane!”

“You didn’t have to dance and draw the press on us!”

“You’ve danced as much as us!”

‘You didn’t have to wear those camel toe jeans!”

“Your jeans were as sexy!”

We again laughed.

Its one of our best memories although the aftermath was quite stingy, to say the least! We still have our autographed posters. We always have fun teasing each other with that memory.

Another year had passed.

It was our graduation day. We are wearing black robes with MD hoods and mortar boards. We are all graduating with honors. I am teasing them with having more honors. They echoed with, “You got a stingier bum!” We always conclude our teasing parties by calling each other, “Camel toe!”

Ma’am and our parents came for our graduation. The parents of Meghan and Marjorie made no secret of their disciplinary methods.

“To give her some backbone!”

Pop and Mom were quite surprised.

Ma’am told them, “I did have to cane her a few times, and it did her a world of good!”

I had to add, “I never got a punishment I didn’t deserve.”

Natalie and her mother were almost late. She is now in her 3rd year of med school. She was discreetly rubbing her bum and her mother didn’t spare her. “I had to deal with a D…” Nat suitably blushed, but one could also see her determination. In fact, we all have that look of determination.

Another young woman with her eyes set on the horizon joined us. She hugged Ma’am. We had all briefly met her daughter before. She is a role model for us. She radiates with the power of those who were brought up to lead.

She turned to me, “I am opening a private clinic, and I want you.”

“Count me in!”

The last one to join us was “Mister Hairy Chest”, my beau. He was wearing the uniform of the Royal Navy with three gold stripes on his sleeves.
I always blush, when I remember, how we met.

Pimple-Face had finally succeeded to raise my skirt, after I had walked down Ma’am’s stairs with red eyes. I had received her famous six of the best, and she had allowed me not to wear my knickers. Pimple-Face made me blush the more as he triumphed, with a resounding, “WHOA!” but in the next second he squealed with a loud, “OUCH!”

Mister Hairy Chest had kicked his bum. “You don’t raise a young lady’s skirt without her permission!”

Pimple-Face scampered. I had no doubt that Mister Apollo had an eyeful. I was blushing as a peony. He had a conquering smile. He handed me a superb white handkerchief, and with a warm, “May I ?” He offered to take my satchel.

I gave it to him, took his hankie, and dabbed my eyes. Then he proposed. “Would you have a glass of bubbly?”

“In the middle of the afternoon!”
“Why not!”

“Only one! I have homework to do.”

He gave me a mischievous wink.

He had a leather sofa, which felt cool for my still throbbing bum.

I accepted a second glass, and he moved to sit next to me. I would never be able to explain if it was the champagne, or my lack of knickers, or my fiery bottom having ignited something else, but he soon gave me a breathtaking kiss with one hand under my skirt. In the morning, he again rubbed my derriere with sunburn cream. That was the only cream he had!

After the graduation, I gave my mortar hat to Ma’am so that she keeps it on her lounge’s commode next to the one of her daughter. Then I hugged her, “Thanks Ma’am.”


Chéri Hérouard (1881-1961)
Doesn’t fit in well with ‘B’s’ story

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