Two Naughty Schoolgirls in their new Navy Blue School Kickers, tour the Old Silk Mill…

I don’t ask for donations, your company is enough. But now and then something lovely happens, a follower sends me a present or commissions a special shoot.

A follower of mine and a regular contact, David, sent some lovely navy blue knickers for my girls, (six pairs!!) as well as a couple of skirts. They are for a special shoot he has inspired me to do in a few weeks. But the girls could not wait to wear them! There should have been three girls today, but sadly Samantha was snowed under with a project. She came to see us, and to wish us luck with the shoot, but could not stay.

I took loads of photos as always which will be used in various ways, here are a few samples of photos of Charlotte and Stephanie from today.

The Old Silk Mill is where our ‘Church Studio’ is housed. I am now in regular contact with the owners and can talk freely about spanking and my ideas for shoots. What a luxury after the ‘Woke’ owners of my old studio.

I asked if we could walk around the old unused parts of the building, and they said yes.

We walked down the corridor from our studio, which could make a good school corridor for a story…

And started our shoot in the kitchen with a cup of tea, after all, everything stops for tea, even bare bottom shoots and spankings! There will be a kitchen set of photos coming soon.

Then the girls ascended the spooky dimly lit stairs to the top floor…

The light was perfect, it was cool, which was lovely, because outside it was sultry. We went over to a window and took a set of photos by it. here is one…their first smacks of the day were here.

On the other side of the room was a lovely area, painted all purple and black, rather Gothic in a way…I took some fab shots here, you will see them one day.

There are nooks and crannies, interesting corridors, and rooms everywhere. Like this one, just right for their second little spanking.

There will be lots more photographs from every pause…like the treadmill.

If it gets dark they have to gallop on it make electricity, if we need more power I spank them harder….’run girls, run!’….lol

Time for a rest and another spanked bottom apiece, just to keep them alert and on their toes!

We paused a while to take in the view, I thought it was lovely!

By this time, the girls legs were getting tired, so I advised them to crawl for a while…

However, crawling always makes the girls feel frisky, rude, and naughty. They wanted to masturbate and asked if we had time. “Of course! Always time for that, why not do a bit of scissoring? There is only me here.”

So down they got on the floor, and ground their pussies into each others, and I must say, their orgasm was quite something!

Don’t worry, all the photos will come, just give me time.

Time was running out and I wanted to use the new Victorian Nursing Chair I had brought, so down we went to our space…

They tried it out on each other, and both agreed that it is a perfect little addition to our spanking props.

Then we stayed a while, drinking tea, and we had buns too. Oh, I was forgetting…I gave them both rather a good spanking. Once again they both confirmed that I have a very stingy right hand!

I am so pleased I have!

So…that’s my day. I hope you have had a lovely one too.


9 thoughts on “Two Naughty Schoolgirls in their new Navy Blue School Kickers, tour the Old Silk Mill…

  1. Quite a nice selection.I do so enjoy seeing your otk spankings and this was another fabulous set.very well done it does sound a great time had by all.Thanks

  2. Hello David, thank you very much for the knickers, the girls loved them and as you know by now, have sent you a naughty video displaying them. This shoot was huge! As will the next one, take care my friend, thanks for your support.

  3. So naughty that they couldn’t wait to wear them. Good job I sent 6 pairs. What with all the m………….

  4. In this mixed up set, I am just showing you what is to come, no editing has been done. They will be lighter xxx

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