Two Naughty School Girls Crawl and Display their Bottoms! ~ Part Two…

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I asked Stephanie and Charlotte to crawl right up to the warehouse crane door. “Crawl to the door and lay on your tummies. I want people to be able to see your faces if they look up. I know they will wonder what you are doing, but that does not matter. It will be nice for you to have your bottoms smacked again as you look down. A sort of public spanking.”

Both girls looked at each other with wide eyes, and agreed excitedly…and began to crawl. Their navy blue school knickers stretched, their cheeks moved like pink fleshy silk, smooth and pleasingly plump flesh, moving like only a crawling bottom can. Their pussies were on show…and glistened.

“Right, get as close as you dare, and then lie flat on your tummies.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.” Said Stephanie.

“Yes Mr.Jones.” Said Charlotte.

When they know a spanking is imminent, they like to talk like that.

“Are you excited? Sexually?” I asked.

Both nodded the affirmative.

“Anybody there?”

“A car has just pulled in, right below us, a white one. There are people in their garden at the end of the car park, and three men loading a van at unit number seven.” Panted Charlotte, quietly.

Remember when you showed me how you used to masturbate by bobbing up and down and clenching, then unclenching your pussy and bottom?” I asked provocatively.

They both said yes.

“Do it now, and I’ll smack your bottoms with our little friend.” I offered.

Our little friend is a very tightly rolled piece of brown paper, stiffened with coffee stirrers. It makes a nice smack but only hurts a little. I bet you know which old rascal made it!!

They began bobbing…

They got more excited and bobbed up and down harder and faster.

I started spanking them both quickly and firmly with ‘our little friend’…..Charlotte soon orgasmed and let out quite a guttural noise, there was no mistaking what it was!!! people lookeded up and they both retreated!

We survived!

More to come.


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