The Great Big Spanking Glory Hole!

Get back, get back! I thought that would get your attention but not that many all at once!

Actually, it is not a glory hole, like when a man pops his cock through to a mystery woman to serve, it is something I did not know what to call. In my new studio it was just stuck there, and it was….”Hmmmm, do I knock it down? Do I use it? If I use it…what for?

There is only one answer….to put bottoms in!

So I have decided to keep it, put some geraniums in if nothing else!

Here it is….just a bit of fun really…

…look at the old beams in the roof. My studio is being developed in an old silk mill, it dates back to the 1800’s. I wonder what they have seen? I bet they have never seen people like me and my girls before, they might sprout leaves!!

I knew it was too good to knock down!


2 thoughts on “The Great Big Spanking Glory Hole!

  1. Especially LOVE the photos of the models kneeling on all fours, both kissing and the ones taken from the opposite angle showing their bums!
    If I ever feel brave enough to show my face and bottom to the camera, I want you to be the photographer, Asa. So beautiful; thanks for posting!

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