Photo Set 372 ~ Samantha Punishing Charlotte – Part One ~ the cane ~ section B, over the vaulting horse.

Okay, so it is not quite a real vaulting horse, at the time one could not be found easily, and those that were, were very expensive. So Samantha had one made by a good friend. And it does us nicely!

Already well striped from the desk, Charlotte is eager to go over the vaulting horse to have her bare bottom presented high to her Mistress…

Up she got, her bottom high, and at a very good height for thrashing. Her feet dangled as anticipation in both parties grew.

After asking if she was ready, it began…swiiiiish, crack….”Owwwww!”

And again, her legs kicking, her crisp white, tight knickers stretched between them.

Swiiiiish, thwack….”Yeeeeoooowwwwwwooooohhhh!”

And again, her bottom pushes up, despite the excruciating pain, begging for more. The cane rises, to full height and swish, in an arc, a blurr of fine honey coloured rattan finds it target with a loud crack, like a pistol shot. Charlotte’s cheeks clench on impact as Samantha grunts with the effort. A scream echoes around.

And yet more is needed, the lust for pain is not yet satisfied. Again the cane rises, this time, behind Samantha’s shoulders.

It lands quickly, Charlotte has hardly had time to recover. Her cheeks high, and beautifully curved, do not take the blow, this time it lands in the crease of the cheeks making Charlotte howl, but straight after she hisses… “Yessssss!!!!” Her bottom is bouncing up and down in a frenzy.

The view is from inside the set of the study again now, looking to the domestic set. But it does not matter this time, we are not story telling we are watching a beautiful sub, get the pain and punishment from her equally beautiful Mistress.

Immediately she strikes again…..swiiiiiiish…..CRACK!!

Charlotte bucks harder, and even faster, but surprisingly cannot resist and pushes her bottom up as high as she can , her need for pain in her bottom has gone higher, pumping into the vault she begs for release ….”God….yessss….oooooooh….one more, Please Mistress, One more!”

Samantha takes aim, and strikes very hard and true, to fill the room with a long howl of pleasure and pain. Charlotte is bucking again, forcing her pussy into the vaulting horse and having an orgasm! “Oh Mistress, yes! Yesss! Ohh fucking hell…yessssssss yesssssss YESSSSSSS!!!”

Samantha waits for her orgasm. She has plans. But it will be just as intense.

A spanking goes both ways from the bottom. One way is straight to Charlotte’s pussy…the other is up the arm of Samantha, crashing through her body to settle on her clit. Into her brain too, almost like some Tantric massage. She can almost come from the movement of caning, and the sight of what she is doing. A tender little rub at the right time will send pleasure in cosmic proportions through her whole body.

But not yet, Charlotte has to please her more yet.

More to come.


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