The Chesterfield Leather Settee… Photo Set 376

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I have mentioned before that the arm on my Chesterfield Settee is getting a little worn, the arm is perfect for flogging. However is not the only part to be used. Although starting off over the arm, this shoot uses it in other ways too.

A few of these photos I have cropped and used elsewhere, but here they are in all their full glory.

I love the tantalizing peek of her cheeks that a short skirt gives.

A lovely view of a naughty girl bending over and her crisp white, freshly laundered school knickers on show. But lets take them down shall we?

She moves and wriggles as the nerves really set in.

“Legs apart Samantha, present your bottom for your caning, push up.”

What a glorious sight. We now move over to make her kneel in another spanking pose, at the other end of the sofa. I like it here, because she is well and truly trapped. I kneel on one knee by her side, my other leg near enough straight. It is like kicking a football, hard and true towards the net, your head needs to be over the bottom. I usually spank a naughty girls bare bottom with a plimsol here. It tends to make them wriggle and try to escape you see, because it is so bottom blisteringly painful when done in a very quick salvo of between 20-30 whacks..

As you can see, from this close up, it is perfect for wrapping your arm around a naughty girl, especially one with a tiny waist like Samantha.

The back of the sofa is also very useful, if a girl rests her hands on it, the front of the sofa is far enough away to make her bottom push up true and proud, and unless very tall, because the back of the sofa is so low, it means she has to go on tip toe. Pefect for tawsing a naughty bottom, I push my left leg hard into the sofa, and place my left arm on the dado rail. It is a really good way to flog a bottom mercilessly and as before, there is little or no escape. The red stripes tend to go almost from top to bottom,which licks the sit spot, making them yell.

You can see what I mean by her knees making her go on tip toe in this close up. It is good for walking down a line of naughty girls too. I have had three on here.

Samantha does have rather a perfect bottom for spanking doesn’t she?

Putting the hands flat down, and telling them to maintain their position on tip toe adds extra strain for a girl, tensing the bottom. Which can be extra useful in a very fast spanking, becuse you can put your knee under her belly and quite easily lift her feet off of the floor as you wallop away!

If you are a fan of high kicking legs, you will love this. I call it the can -can position, they seem to kick along to the rhythm.

Sometimes, when you need a little run up to deliver a cane extra hard on a cold bottom, it is rather a good position for that too.It’s a little like a run up in ten pin bowling, step, step, WHACK!!….turn left and roll back to the desk…..step, step, WHACK! I find it very useful to use a steady rhythm in this way. A more disciplined approach, almost an exact time between each thwack.

To really present a bottom well, the forearms are best laid flat. This has a rather splendid effect!!!

After each thwack you will see her jump straight up, straight legged into the air, landing and getting back on tip toe just in time for your next two steps and THWACK! It reminds me of a girl jumping of a diving board.

I asked Samantha to demonstrate the jump she does, and here it is from above. I stood on a stool with my camera, I did not want it banging into my eye socket.

I would say her feet are about one foot of the ground. You can see how dramatic it is, so much movement and noise. By the time you get to the fourth stroke of a jolly good flogging it is quite something.

Step…step…THWACK!!…jump..squeal…land..step…step..THWACK!!..jump.. squeal…. Can you see what I mean.

When I do a public demonstration….(well, I used to, is was always so bloody hard trying to arrange the damn things and very often a few would not turn up! Damn annoying if you ask me!!)… I like to show off and before I charge, so to speak, I twirl the cane above my head! Very dramatic and sometimes I got spontaneous applause.

So there you have it. A bit of advice on using a Chesterfield Sofa ( I prefer settee, but there again I am an old fussy duddy!)


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