I have been rumbled! Well…. I suppose it should be BUMBLED!!!

I told my long suffering wife something today, bless her, (she knows what I do but wants nothing to do with it and I have to keep it quiet from family!)….

Around five years ago, I started shaping a tree in the garden. I told her that I was pruning a tree into the shape of a heart, just for her, because I love her. Which I do of course.

Today, after my latest trimming, (I only do it once a year) she came down with a cup of tea for me, I was stood back, proudly admiring my work.

She passed me the cup and stood looking…I saw a frown cross her face.

“Its not a heart for me is it?”


“Its a bottom bent over ready for spanking isn’t it?”

“Yes dear.”

…..a minute or so passed, in mutual admiration I think.

Then she laughed…..and walked back up the garden to the kitchen.

I have been bumbled, and she says it can stay!

Her it is…”ta dah!!!”

Five years in the making! A bottom ready for spanking.

Purely by accident, (wink wink) the washing line looks like a cane!

At Christmas I put lights in the tree, I am going to put them like a pair of knickers lowered….but methinks she might not approve!

Whew…that was a close one! The ‘Phantom Bush Bottom Carver’ strikes again, and escapes unscathed!



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