Photo Set 378 ~ Climbing the Stairs

This set will go in my ‘Glamour 3’ Section, click here…

I cropped a couple of these and used them for a story, but the rest of the sequence has remained unseen for years…

Come on then my precious friends, up the stairs you go, Charlotte first, followed by Samantha. What a wonderful pair of perfect bottoms to watch sway there way along…

Lovely, don’t you think?

And spare a thought for me, the photographer. here we are in a deserted old building and I am up an aluminum ladder balancing on the stairs with a bloody great drop to one side! The things I do for my art and you, my treasured followers!


4 thoughts on “Photo Set 378 ~ Climbing the Stairs

  1. Hello Bridgette….

    We do try to tell him but he will do anything for the perfect shot. He has told us about you, and we read your stories. Did he tell you that we played Uncle Redmoon with him? Have a good day…Samantha and Charlotte xx xx

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