Bloody Hell!!!…

As you know I am developing a story of Saint Helena Highs School for Wayward Boys.

I like the idea of a naked male before clothed females. I am meeting Charlotte and Samantha soon, to talk ideas for the story, over tea and cake. They have much more of an idea of how naughty boy things go than me.

I am not sure how I will use this photo, but just now. I imagined myself being told to strip naked before them …lol…with a huge ramrod of a cock, erect, and flirting out of pants as I take them down…then swaying from side to side as I smile at them.


Look, it’s not my fault I was born with this appendage, I’m not showing off, even though I did have the flattering nick name of King Dong at school!

No hiding in the showers after football….lol

Asa…::wry smile::

3 thoughts on “Bloody Hell!!!…

  1. I must admit, I find the thought of being forcibly stripped and punished by these wonderful but strict ladies equally exciting, but I feel their expressions might be more one of disappointment and dare I say some un-ladylike giggling as I present all to the world…

  2. oh bless you, don’t be so down on yourself…unless that is what turns you on of course.

    Maybe you will have to come one day and see how it feels.

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