My Spanking Treasures… Photo Set 465

I think you all know who my top two girls are by now, Charlotte and Samantha of course, my dear little spanking treasures. And what does history teach us about treasure? It teaches us to keep them safe, under lock and key doesn’t it? So come on, follow me, lets go and let them out for the day…

We walk down one of the many passageways in the old silk mill where my ‘Chapel Studio’ is, and into a beautifully sunlit room. I open my safe, my ‘Spanking Treasure Chest’. “Would you stand over there please?” I ask.

You stand adjacent to the windows and look at the stout heavy, slightly sinister looking, doors.

The doors swing slowly open, as easily and quietly as the day the safe was built into the wall, and out they come, like two awakening vampires crawling from their vault.

Look how the dark interior of the deep safe, shows the curves of their beautiful bottoms to perfection. They adjust their position, ready to leave, their cheeks move delicately, and sexily.

They have only just woken, the light is bright to them, the spanking pets are hungry too, but not for food yet. They are hungry for their first smacks of the day.

“Good morning Mr.Jones.” They purr, as like two lithe cats they begin to crawl out.

“Oh! How lovely, you have brought a guest.” Smiles Charlotte.

Swaying their hips, they begin their crawl to their Master.

“Come to me my pets, let me see the sunlight set fire to your golden hair.”

How they love the praise, how they love to please me.

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

You watch the spectacle, enjoying their movement, and admiring their obedience and need to please me.

How I love to see the sunlight pick out every delicate strand of their hair, and their skin tone, as it accentuates their movement and curves with shadows.

“What do you need?” I ask of them. Willing to grant my dear girls anything they ask for.

Both replied that to start their day, they need a few lovely smacks on their bare bottoms.

Happy to grant their wish, I send them back towards their lair.

They display my greatest four treasures of all, four beautiful soft cheeks, all in a row, eager for smacks.

The sunlight drifts down upon them like a spanking mist, fueling their desire to please, and equally their desire for smacks on their bare bottoms.

“Wiggle them for me.” I command.

Eagerly, with lovely girlish giggles echoing in their chamber, they do so, as I walk towards them. I hear you behind me, adjusting your position. The atmosphere in the room is like electrically charged spanking desire.

I know that their need now, is to obey, please, and present their curves to me.

“Stand.” I command simply, calmly, quietly.

I stare at their beauty and shape, I drink in their need and expectation.

“Are you ready for your first spanking of the day my beloved pets?”

The light in the room turns gothic, as if the scene is from Victorian Novelette. They reply perfectly, in unison. Two soft, feminine voices speak together in perfect harmony.

“Yes Mr.Jones, we are ready, please satisfy our need, spank our bottoms.”

I smiled, and replied. “Then present them the best you can for me.”

As I walked for the soft, supple, red leather tawse. They did.

I picked up the implement of their pleasure, and turned.. The sight took my breath away. Expectancy was over, eagerness needed to be satisfied. I walked towards them.

And there, in a quiet sunlit room of the old silk mill, thwacks of leather on flesh rang out, as did their shrill squeals, sinking into their deep dark lair.


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