‘In Threes’ ~ Number 13 ~ Two Naughty Waitresses – Part One

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It is winter, the days are short, and the nights are long. There is nothing better that getting out of the cold for a nice hot snack, maybe soup and a roll, a sausage roll, a warm scone and a hot pot of tea. Whatever tickles our taste buds on a cold day.

So imagine the annoyance when three people come into a cafe, three quarters of an hour before it closes, they sit down and look at the menu, to hear annoyed tuts from the waitresses.

After five minutes it is time to order, and the waitresses are extremely rude. They have been left alone as the Manageress enjoys an afternoon off, as she often does on a Wednesday. They were hoping to finish early for a bit of late night Christmas Shopping.

They had never seen these people before, they were not a part of the regular clientele.

“Bloody hell, haven’t you got home to go to? We are closing in about five minutes!” Says Kate rudely, and telling a complete lie.

“Yes, we haven’t got time to do anything else, we have tables to clean, its our early finish day!” Mutters Charlene, also telling total fabrications of the truth.

“But we only want a cup of tea and a sausage roll, its freezing!” Say the ladies. “The sign says you are open until 5:00p.m.

“Oh God if you must!” Groans Kate. “And what about you?” She says, staring at the man.

“Me? Oh I am a mystery shopper doing an appraisal for your Parent Company. I just want to see the Manageress please! I have seen enough already!”

“Ohh fuck!”….”Oh shit!” Say the waitresses.

The two women laugh.

Charlene says “Awwww shut up you old farts!” Which of course upsets them.

They were just going to tell the three customers that the Manageress was out, when ‘TING TING’ the door rings, as she comes in.

“Brrrrrr its cold, get me a cuppa and a sausage roll.”

She is greeted by an atmosphere and silence. The mystery shopper and the two women recount the events.

The Manageress apologises and asks them to stay, whilst she sorts it out, promising anything on the menu for free.

The two women and the men reluctantly agree.”I know what they both need the cheeky, rude girls. In my day they would have a good spanking!”

“I totally agree, and knowing the M.D, Mr Jones as I do, I know he would whole heartedly agree!” Says the Mystery Shopper.

“Well I would most certainly rather spank them, than sack them, which I know would be the likely outcome, especially with the Christmas Period coming up! What about you two? Hmmm?? A damn good spanking each or the sack! You certainly both deserve one!”

“You certainly both deserve one!” Says the Manageress.

The two women chuckle at their plight and are hoping for a painful outcome for their naughty bottoms. The Mystery Shopper writes into his notebook. It seems that the Manageress’s appraisal has started very well, with her immediate decisive action.

Both girls drop to the floor to kneel and and beg to keep their job and plead for a spanking, instead of dismissal.

Both girls drop to the floor to kneel and beg

The thought of losing their job just before Christmas hits hard, and both begin to cry. “I think your tears say that you are choosing a spanking apiece, am I right?”

“Yes, please spank me! I’m sorry!” Cries Kate.

“Me too.” Sniffs Charlene.

The Manageress bends down to comfort. “Okay, a spanking it will be, but don’t expect any mercy from me! You have come so close to being out of work for Christmas that you would not believe!”

“Okay, a spanking it will be…”

She takes Kate by the shoulders. “Stand up, get over here.”

More to come…


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