Photo Set ~ 467 ~ more for the Finishing School Story

To see the rest, click on ‘photo sets’ above….you have to find a few links to various parts of my site, but I think you will enjoy the journey!

These photos are for a rather large story I am writing, set in a Victorian Finishing School, and I need to build up a lot of stock for various spankings.

Click here to read it as it stands…

They have to work on their deportment in an upcoming chapter…

You will be pleased to know that they turn and walk back!


2 thoughts on “Photo Set ~ 467 ~ more for the Finishing School Story

  1. I have only just started this story, and have already taken quite a few photos, some are up. If you look at the previous two sets you will see more, and call back regularly and you will too. Thanks for commenting, it makes all the difference to us bloggers when you do.

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