Ballerina – Part 4 – by ‘B’

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Ballerina part 4

Later, we dressed into our tutu to work on our star performances. We would be videotaped, and all our steps were to be reviewed by Miss Maïa, our dance mistresses.

I wore my beautiful powder blue leotard and tutu and I performed my favorite Swan Lake solo. I was happy with it, but Miss Maïa slowly ran the tape to point out my mistakes. They were small mistakes to be sure, but they all added up. “And there’s no passion in your performance!” I was told to re-dance it.

I was nervous. I slipped and landed on my derriere. I was given a second chance and again slipped. Unfortunately, I had fallen on exactly the same dance steps. She was furious! She announced in French since French is the language of ballet, “C’est la fessée cul nu!” She pulled my leotard into my rear valley and spanked my buns till blazing.

I had to again re-dance the whole piece, and was warned that I would be spanked if I still committed the same insult to the art. “No! Don’t readjust your leotard. I want you to know that your red burning butt is being put on show!” To help me the girls clapped their hands to reinforce the tempo. With my derriere on fire, I was very careful. I didn’t slip, but I missed a step just as Miss Margot entered the classroom.  

Miss Maïa was told to give us a demo, and she was superb, but Miss Margot also offered her own take on that sequence. Although twenty years older than Miss Maïa and a touch slower, she was amazing. She had the assurance and the grace of the great star that she was.

Our dance mistress had already fetched the strap for giving me le feu au cul, but Miss Margot gave me another chance. With my still-burning bum well exposed, I gave it my best and didn’t slip nor missed a step!


Miss Margot told me to repeat it, and again it was flawless. She applauded and was joined by Miss Maïa, and all my chums.


I blushed as I was told that I wasn’t allowed to adjust my leotard. “Let that be a reminder for you, and a warning to your classmates”.

Judith was next, and her video earned her the famous fessée cul nu. Her second attempt was so-so. She was given another chance. It was again disappointing. She was lucky to avoid the strap. She got a second helping of vigorous smacks.

Miss Maïa showed her how it’s done, but Miss Margot added a few details. A couple of us giggled, and imagined Miss Margot giving Miss Maïa la fessée, of course it didn’t happen.

Judith was given two more attempts. The first one was disappointing. And for the second one, she landed on her bum.

She got la grande fessée with the strap, and was told to stand in the corner on her pointes. “And stick out your bottom for everyone to see that you were a naughty girl!”

Susana showed us all how its done, and grinned like the Chesire Cat. A few stuck out their tongue, while others applauded her.

Eventually, Judith did ace it, and she was also applauded. She theatrically bowed with her red bum up in the air. She had us laughing as she wriggled it. She later told us that she would always remember that lesson.

Next was a surprise and a treat. Four male premier danseurs joined us. As Judith, plus two more, I blushed while my hands covered my still exposed and fiery red bum.

They had us flying and of course, discovered the culs rouges. That’s how those who hadn’t required spanking encouragements called the less fortunate ones. The boys teasingly nicknamed us. It was quite silly, but in good humor. I was called Underdone, and Judith was Welldone for the privilege of having tasted the strap.

We changed into our school uniforms, and they had lunch with us. We were spared the kindergarten siesta to entertain our guests. They were quite dishy, unlike the bums of the Bois de Boulogne. A couple of us invited them to visit the attic. I was one of them. I had le feu au cul, literately and figuratively. I lost my knickers while dancing an horizontal duo.

For the afternoon choreography lesson I got a new pair of knickers, and my upper cheeks were glowing. A few jealous friends had fun teasing me with chanting, “Rumpy-pumpy!”


To be continued…

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  1. I love the otk especially Roslyn as a ballerina.I love the story and it brings to mind the ballet that does have a spanking as a part in the ballet. La Mal Gran Fille and I do enjoy the after effects shown.thanks for sharing and have a great day.

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