An Atmospheric Spanking in Black and White. Photo Set 472 ~ by Asa Jones

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I have tried to make this sensual and atmospheric, it is how I think of 1920’s Paris.

Obviously Samantha is in modern dress, and the French Maid outfit of Kate is the timeless fantasy classic…It is not meant to be historical, but ‘in the manner of’.

All older houses have had changes, and they often lead to interesting nooks and crannies, which lend themselves to being a punishment corner, like this one. If Kate is taken here, she knows it is only for one purpose, Mistress is going to spank her…

And then of course, Mistress puts her in corner time, hands on head, before the window. If she rubs her bottom, then her outfit will be pegged up high, so everyone walking by can see her pussy.

Already curious passers by are looking up, wondering what has happened and why she is stood so,

Kate is squirming, but tries her best, not to rub.


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