Photo Set 473 – Over the Vaulting Horse in a Panic

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“Now stop being a silly girl and making all this fuss. You have been a naughty girl and are to be punished, squealing, crying, kicking your legs and creating mayhem will make no difference, other than this, you will get six instead of four!” Says Mr.Jones the Headmaster.

“I will say this warning again, keep making this silly fuss and it will be six, you are scaring the other eight girls waiting outside. NOW BEHAVE!!! Or it will be six!”

“Oh Good Lord! Right!!! That is it! You are now getting six of the very best on your bare bottom. Any more of this foolishness and I will get two prefects, and they will hold you for twelve, with the senior cane! Understand!?”

“That’s better, now try to stop crying, you will have plenty to cry about in five minutes time….take a moment to gather yourself. Try to remember this feeling of fear and panic, and next time you think of being so rude and naughty, bring it to mind and stop!” I say in a soft kind voice.

“That’s better, now, take a deep few breaths and when you are ready, we will get this sorry situation over and done with. Hundreds of girls have been before you, and trust me, they all survived! Now….are you ready to get the cane on your bare bottom for being a naughty girl?”

“Yes Sir……::sniff sniff::….I’m ready for my punishment Mr.Jones.”

I pick up the junior cane and stand by her, surveying the target. “I will deliver all….four, yes, back to four….but if there is a next time, it will be six, understand?”

“Thank you Mr.Jones.”

“Now brace yourself, I will deliver them quickly, with little time in between, lets get this over with shall we?”

“Yes Sir.” She says through clenched teeth.

I concentrate on an imaginary line, about an inch above the point where her cheeks leave each other to go down to the thigh…my eyes do not leave that point, I control m breathing and place my left foot further forward than my right….bring my arm up and….




I bring my arm back high, twirl the cane three times and then deliver an almighty last stroke.


“Remember that last one, because if you come here again, all six, or more, will be of the very best! Now get some tissues from the desk, you can rub your bottom. Gather yourself, pull your knickers up and go. Next time it will be corner time for you, and I get many visitors, there will be no rubbing. You have been warned!”

I sit down as she makes her way stiffly to the door, rbbing her bottom, sniffing, and feeling sorry for herself. I write her name, number of strokes, date, and brief description of her errant behavior. Then I stand, pick up a plimsol and shout….”NEXT!”


4 thoughts on “Photo Set 473 – Over the Vaulting Horse in a Panic

  1. Love the vaulting horse. It does seem really tall vs the images in my head reading stories about naughty school girls.
    Lovely spread legs giving you a good target. Have you ever had one up actually on the vaulting horse straddling it?

  2. Yes it is the big one, an home made one. We have a real one too, and it is smaller, and lovely and worn…it makes us think of all the naughty girls who have bent over it, because it came from a Girl’s Grammer School, near Hastings.

    Yes I have taken a photo or two of them straddling it, but for punishment, or did you mean like riding a horse.

  3. I love my vaulting horse. We named it ‘Blushes’. (For many good reasons!) Asa inspired us to purchase one so with school stories in mind we did. Ours actually came from a girls school and as I am bending , waiting with my panties down I can’t help but think of its use some fifty or so years before at the rather strict school it came from.
    I love the poses here. What a gorgeous bottom, waiting, waiting, waiting for attention. Gorgeous.

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