The Mysterious Delivery – by Asa Jones

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We were in our Chapel Studio, setting up a set for a story, when in popped ‘L’, our Secretary/Receptionist. “Hello Mr.Jones, a letter has arrived for you.” She passed it over, her eyes darting everywhere, to see what we were up to.

“Thank you.” I said with a warm smile to the very pleasant girl.

She left as I was opening the letter, it was the one I had been waiting for, the mystery one from the care home. In a nutshell, it said we could now open our mysterious two parcels.

We knew they were from an admirer of our work, but little else. However, the letter did say, look for the envelope, tucked in the middle of box two.

I told the girls, who almost wet their knickers in excitement, (they had been so curious, and I could see the tape on the boxes had been picked at.) For them, this was really really good behavior, so I said nothing of that, and invited them to open the boxes.

They looked so pleased with their praise bless them…

It was then, as if I had gone invisible, they were so engrossed in their task, especially when I told them of a clue in the second box, an envelope.

“OOOOOH!” said Charlotte.

“A clue?” Asked Samantha.

“Yes, this is a real life mystery, almost like one of the crime dramas we all like, who knows where it might lead?” I suggested.

“A murder! There’s nothing like a good murder!” blurted out Charlotte.

“Bloody hell, don’t say that! It might end up being one of ours!” A dramatic Samantha added. Silence fell as the girls picked at the boxes, and ripped them open!… as they walked to the settle. They were quite mesmerised by the mystery.

It was like Christmas morning!

They discovered a huge selection of spanking magazines in one box, each one drawing out an exclamation of excitement, and dvd’s in another, also bringing great joy!

“Don’t forget, look for an envelope.” I reminded.

Samantha spotted some writing inside the top edge of her parcel. She had opened it carefully, unlike Charlotte with hers, who was now averting my slightly annoyed gaze.

“What does it say Sam?” She asked.

Samantha read the short little message. The first clue to the secret identity…

“You thought of me as a chameleon once.”

We all looked puzzled, who on earth would I think of as a lizard? And when in my life did I?

The first clue was infuriating, what on earth did it mean?

The girls soon lost interest in the clue, and carried on unpacking the parcels.

Part Two…

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Part 5

And now the real vintage spanking photos of Miss Black….

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More to come…


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