Mr.Trentham’s Dragonfly Bathtime Collection…Photo Set 475

Mr.Trentham is me, in a Victorian Novel I have written and almost illustrated fully. He works in a spanking brothel and theatre. (sounds about right doesn’t it?)

You can read all about him here…

It is a huge story that will take you ages to read, if vintage spanking appeals to you, and you like corsets and bloomers, along with naughty maids etc…then I should dip your toe in and have a look.

The theatre/bawdy house is called the Inveigle, and in the foyer is his shop, selling photographs of the ‘Inveigle Girls’, the most famous of whom are Samantha and Charlotte.

You can buy real copies of all his photos by clicking ‘back to website’ above, when on the home page, click on ‘art’, then click on ‘click here to view my photographs and art’, that takes you to my on line shop.

One day, these will be for sale there, in many ways, greetings cards, jig saws, note pads etc.. etc….


Kate is their maid in the story, and here they are enjoying a bath time…

Lots more to be added, I will let you know when I do.


3 thoughts on “Mr.Trentham’s Dragonfly Bathtime Collection…Photo Set 475

  1. They look so gorgeous. I would love to have been there and maybe part of Mr Trenthams ‘collection’.
    There is something really beautiful about these pictures, so evocative of a time long gone (but maybe to return if recreated by the Master of time travel himself, Mr Jones…

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