Aunt Roberta ~ Part 4

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Aunt Roberta part 4

 It was the day for Miss Roberta’s new private tuition. Lilly and Harriet discovered a small classroom opening onto the backyard of her row house. It was furnished with four old fashion desks, a teacher’s stand with desk and a real blackboard. The girl from the post office was already there, and Miss Roberta called her, “Nancy please stand, and introduce yourself to yours classmates…”

She stood with a blush, adjusted her jeans mini-skirt, and I remembered having seen her outside Miss Roberta’s study exposing her bare bum decorated with four vivid cane stripes

“I am 24 and I have flunked my A-level.” She had said that with another blush. “I can’t expect any promotion in the Royal Postal Service without it. Aunt Roberta offered to help me retake them…”

“Harriet you are next…”

She stood with a shy blush, “I am 18 and I have to retake my A-level…”


I stood and guessed that I was also blushing, “I am 18 and retaking my A-level…” I smoothed my skirt down as I sat.

Miss Roberta announced. “Nancy already has adult college lessons, and both of you are retaking your 6th form, therefore we won’t redo the whole program. I have noticed that the three of you have weaknesses in English and math, consequently we are going to focus on those subjects…”

“We will start with a special dictation to test your spelling and grammar. Up to three mistakes you will be forgiven, one more and you will be across my knees for a severe bare bottom hand spanking in front of the whole class. Five mistakes will earn you 10 smacks on the bare in front of your classmates with my 50 cm plastic ruler.” She added with a smile, “Punctuation will not be graded…”

She started with writing on the blackboard the title, author, and first two lines.

Daffodils by William Woodsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high over vales and hills…

Then she slowly repeated each lines three time to give us ample time to write down the dictation.

 (If you are game grab a pen and paper, and click the above wav file. Apply yourself ! Remember that you will be punished for your mistakes according to the above mentioned system of penalties…)

Text of the dictation is found here…

Don’t cheat !

It was a lovely poem but I sweated ! I was the first one called in front of Miss Roberta’s desk to submit my work. She corrected it with a red pen while I apprehensively tugged down my school skirt.

Then she announced the verdict, “Six mistakes, 12 smacks with my plastic ruler… Roll up the back of your skirt, lower your knickers down to mid thighs, and keep your hands on your head.”

┬áThe first two smacks applied across my bum in rapid successions left me little breath for “Oh!” and “Argh!”

The next two had me dancing. Two more and my hands left the top of my head to rub my fiery nates. That ruler was as punishing as the belt. “Two more for rubbing.” This time I got four and I exhaled a couple of very convincing, “Ouch!” Then my skirt unrolled itself because of my prancing and tickled my throbbing derriere…

“Take off your skirt, folded it onto Harriet’s desk, hands back above your head…” I was mortified to be exposing my curls to my classmates, but I didn’t have time to dwell on my misfortune. For the last four resounding smacks she alternated between my bum and thighs, and no amount of butt gyrating helped cool my incandescent bottom and thighs. I was well punished, and sniffling. “Make yourself presentable, return to your desk and study your mistakes…”

 I rubbed my fiery nates and thighs. I no longer cared about exposing my tuft and rubbed some more, but the sting wouldn’t abate. I gingerly pulled up my knickers and stepped into my short skirt…

 Harriet and Nancy were next and they also tasted that evil plastic ruler. Nancy showed us that she is a real blonde…

Lilly, Harriet and Nancy

To be continued…

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