Photo Set 478 ~ The Trials and Tribulations of a busy Daddy

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Hello, I am the Daddy of Suzette, well in a sense I am.

I am her partner, but soon after we met we realised just what a match we were on another level to our ‘normal’ relationship. She is a very naughty girl who needs regular correction, but there is much more than that to it…

ME :-

I love the challenge of keeping a naughty girl in line, and if a girl lives with me, she must accept that.

HER :-

Hello! I’m Suzette…the naughty girl! I love being cheeky, bratty and generally unruly, I NEEEEEED a man in my life who loves disciplining a naughty girl like me, and the challenge of keeping me in line! If I live with a man he must accept the challenge of…er…me!!


Daddy is perfectly capable of the challenge, but as everyone knows, it is good to have the ultimate threat. He looked at this blog as was drawn to this…

Click here…

You see he needed a threat that was something different from his own discipline at home. “If you do not behave yourself, I will be making another appontment with you know who, young lady!” Said with a frown and a wagging finger.

Click here to see the results of a visit…

You will see that the link was protected, if you are a regular reader you will know the password.

The results of further visits will be added here too, probably also password protected. It is my duty as a blogger to think of the casual visitor who might stumble here, so anything a little stronger than usual, goes behind a password.

Here, in this photo set, we see what happens after a visit.

Part One ~ Tidying the car.

A week has gone by, her bottom is still marked and the slow build up of the ‘naughtiness cycle’, begins all over again, with cheekiness and answering back.

“It’s your fault the car has got so blasted scruffy, if it was not for you being so naughty, we would not have had to driven up to Derbyshire! So clean the damn thing and stop moaning, and you can do it with your knickers on show! Carry on like this and we will get back into the car tomorrow for another trip to ‘you now who.”

So with her knicker clad bottom on show, wiggling away as she brushes, she cleans the interior of the car. Daddy comes out to see how it is going and he hears her muttering…

“Oooooh listen to me, Mr Bossy Boots…do this ….do that …do as I say! Clean this clean that!….mutter mutter mutter….”

“RIGHT! Knickers down, you can finish it off with a bare bottom, and any more muttering you will be spanked over the bonnet again! Do you really want the neighbours laughing and pointing at you again as I tell you where you are going tomorrow and what for!???”

“No Daddy, sorry Daddy.”

It is over a week since her visit now, and her bottom still shows the signs of it, as it wiggles in the fresh air.

more to come


2 thoughts on “Photo Set 478 ~ The Trials and Tribulations of a busy Daddy

  1. Dear reader
    I am not sure I call my Master ‘daddy’, might be a bit weird for me! I do call him Sir and Master though. (But I get the gist of it.) And my goodness does he attend to my naughty derrière. The videos in the club are testament to his fine delivery.

    He really does threaten me with a trip up north if I am naughty. Interestingly he hasn’t yet twigged that I am deliberately very naughty so I can achieve just that, a trip to the north to have my bare bottom attended to by my disciplinarian, Mr Jones.

    Mr Jones is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to baring one’s bottom and delivering stripes. Absolutely amazing in fact and so beautifully delivered…

    Regarding the car, the story is completely accurate. My Master actually removed my skirt and panties in the end and I was instructed to vacuum the beastly machine clean – I had dropped a crisp or two in the footwell. Did I do this on purpose? Well I did feel in need of a thorough spanking. It’s a good job our drive is long and private as what happened after was quite divine!

    Love Suzette (still with some blemishes to her poor bottom from her last trip to see Mr Jones!)

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