Event Day Diaries…No-1 ~ This is also Photo Set 482

As you know, I run a spanking club, where casual friends and followers over the years have slowly become really good friends. We meet, to share our love of spanking. The faithful few who manage to make our meets have been rewarded by becoming the SET, (Spanking Emporium Team)

On event one we concentrated on a) A story where four naughty girls had to see Reverend Jay. b) A naughty desk and knickers rack. c) A naughty boy punished before a group of girls.

But in between we all take ‘snaps’, to record the day, with casual shots…this enables the less fortunate to get a feel of our lovely days, and see how it is to spend a few hours mixing with me and my girls…

I promise, we are not being presumptuous and saying ‘look what we do’, no… we are saying ‘…we know we are lucky, and we want to share our good luck with you.’

So imagine you are there, my girls come in all dressed up and slowly change into naughty adult schoolgirls. Girls you have come to know over the years on my blog are suddenly asking if you want a cup of tea, or ‘who are you then?’ and general chat.

I have often told you of our love of cups of tea….it is the same in an event.

Then before you know it, we are talking scripts and getting ready to shoot. you are having conversations with the girls you have seen spanked hundreds of times on here. And now you are going to see them spanked for real. How exciting!

You can even talk to me!….but to be honest I tend to be dashing about, keeping an eye on time, and who is doing what!

The guests are around, but do not want to show their faces of course, and I respect that.

So please, my dear friends, my guests, add a comment or two, let people know what its like from your point of view. Tell them a bit of our lovely day…let’s share our good fortune.

More to come…


8 thoughts on “Event Day Diaries…No-1 ~ This is also Photo Set 482

  1. So there we all were. Assembled in various states of undress, saying hello, borrowing socks, changing into immaculate school uniforms. ‘Are my panties too tight? Is my tie straight? Where is that cup of tea?’ All to be heard in the melee of the changing room. All excited and waiting for the call of the director. All soon to be contrite and ready for the attentions of the Reverend.

    And then the next question: ‘will he make me take my skirt off, my soft school knickers will stay on surely?’ Only the next few minutes will tell, when out of the chat, the scrambling for ties and the drained mugs comes the call to attend the study.

    The anticipation heightens when we the willing participants, the naughty schoolgirls, pleats straight, ties knotted, socks pulled up, perfect in presentation, face our fate in the hands of the Reverend who is stood cane in hand, ready…

  2. Oh my dear Suzette, what a wonderful reply from the changing room. What a delightful insight into the other side of crisp cotton school knickers. Quite wonderful xxhugxx

  3. Yes yes but one does need some advance notice of the next orgy, oops no ‘gathering’ and an indication of location etc so one can secure visas etc

    And did someone suggest a theme and fancy dress and even masks……such goings on

    Yes when is the next

  4. Suzette, I do hope my punishment hit home. Not just the visible stripes across your bottom, but being ordered to undress to just your bra in front of the assembled audience. I might have let you retain a modicum of decency has you not thrown your knickers at me as an act of defiance.

    If we had not been tight on time, you would have spent longer standing in the corner, hands on head, contemplating your crimes, while the girls discussed and examined your bright red and striped derriere!

  5. Great photos of the girls behind the scenes style…loved Suzettes comments on the excitement that built waiting to be caned by the Reverend ….

  6. Dear Reverend

    I do have to say that being made to apologise to the assembled audience with just my socks, heels and bra on was something of a shock. I lived through the embarrassment as I knew I had an appointment with your cane, where at least my secret places were not going to be quite so exposed. I was wrong of course as I was then directed to lower myself over your lap for a very public spanking and my legs were not entirely closed.

    After a brief respite and a further spanking from the ‘shopkeeper’ I lost all dignity as I mounted the horse for my caning.

    The stokes were delivered evenly and the stripes were obvious to all. I have to confess that as the cane strokes pushed me into the soft leather of the horse, I became quite aroused…(Does this mean you will have to attend to my derrière again?!)

    Naughty Rev, you did a very good job indeed and I actually did enjoy being instructed to remove my skirt, soft school panties and blouse for punishment. It was exciting to stand there in socks and bra (and of course my trademark heels) Let’s take a little longer next time.

    Suzette xxxx
    Ps I loved throwing my knickers at you, what shall I throw next time?!

  7. I agree, the Reverend did an excellent job, and I congratulate him on a really good performance. You both fed each other good lines and the whole scenario was realistic, as will be shown by the story I am making of it. Time is always an issue, and I think in future, less will be more. We are all on a learning curve. You were both fabulous, and put on a damn good spanking show…well done!

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