School Knickers for My Girls!….Photo set 486

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My little club is now very settled, people are getting involved and we are meeting each other. One chap whom I have not met yet, but is invited and we will soon, is ‘M’

He has sent us a present, and a donation for a gym slip. I am going to do a bit of a retro Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, and they need a uniform. Bottle green gym slips, white socks, white shirt, green and white ties. Won’t they look smart! He also writes, and as asked me to do some illustrations with Kate.

The present is a lovely box of authentic school knickers.

The girls were most excited….another mystery box! God! They are like excited children on Christmas Morning! I love to see them excited, and impatient. (I made them wait three weeks before they opened the latest mystery parcel.) I noticed the other week that it had been picked at, but they managed to last out!

They all took guesses as to what might be inside. I think it will have something to do with school. Proffered Kate.

What a good guess.

“Spanking Implements!” Said Samantha hopefully.

“Vibrators!” Giggled Charlotte. Her usual silliness was greeted with chuckles, from my visitors, as she looked proudly at them.

They were opened and a victorious Kate looked very pleased with herself. “Knickers! Ooooooh proper ones too!”

All them men in particular then laughed out loud as Charlotte said…”They will keep us warm!”

Samantha, always easily amused found that very funny.

I think the whole club is doing the same as me, and falling in love with my girls. They are so charming and naughty!


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