Mr.Maxwell’s Desk…Photo Set 479 ~ Part 2

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Kate’s knickers were hung in place, the first pair of the day to grace the ‘Knicker Rack’.

Like the sign on the gates of hell, once the knickers were hung on the ‘knicker rack’ it was the point of no return, and like the sign on the dreaded gate says…’Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here’.

Kate looked at her knickers, slowly swinging to a stop. When they did, it was time. A common saying between the girls in the school was…’Oh you are for it! Your Knickers will be swinging to a stop in the morning!’

She was told to sit on the naughty stool.

She was then instructed, firmly, to adjust herself so that her bottom hung over the edge. She did so, nervously.

Two sheets of lined paper and a pen were placed on the desk before her.

A severe reprimand was given, along with a dire warning of what might happen if she does not buckle down to her work, and correct her naughty ways. The finger wagging went on for quite a while…

The telling off stopped. Silence fell.

The clock ticked steadily, she could hear him breathing, quite quickly, the radiator ticked and hummed. The time for her spanking was nigh.

She was told to lift her hands and lean forward.

Mr.Maxwell moved into position, she felt a hint of panic, she knew he smacked hard and fast.

Her bottom retreated from the edge in fear. “Now don’t be a silly girl, present your bottom back where it should be, unless you want Mr.Whippy to teach you a lesson instead of my palm and fingers?!” Mr.Maxwell asked rhetorically.

“Right young lady, I am going to give you a damn good spanking for being a naughty girl! It gives me no pleasure, I assure you that I am going to do my very best to ensure that you never want to sit here again. So brace yourself!” Said Mr.Maxwell in a raised stern voice.

“Oooooooo-er.” Said Kate.

More to come…


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