3 thoughts on “Photo Set 488 ~ My Girls in their Vintage School Uniforms ~ 1

  1. I remember quite clearly the excitement of the uniforms arriving. We couldn’t wait to try them on. They are so well tailored and are certainly produced to the highest standards.
    If the truth was known we giggled at the thought of bending and showing our new knickers too. (We guessed it wouldn’t stop there though as our headmaster requires bare bottom spanking.)

    What an amazing event we had and Charlotte looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Love Suzette (the only one being petite, who has still got room to grow into her uniform!) xxxx

  2. As one turns to the ‘Asa Blog’ for daily stimulation and inspiration to take one through the day one is constantly impressed by Malcolm’s industry as each day some new and delightful presentation is laid before us lucky voyeurs

    So thanks early today for the ‘vintage display’ in all its step by step glory – one hopes that afterwards there were distinct swishes and delighted yelps of further satisfaction

    Perhaps if one I lucky there may be ‘more to come’

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