4 thoughts on “Photo Set 491 ~ My Girls in their Vintage School Uniforms ~ 4

  1. Sweeteess itself, even innocence, but that will not deter the determined and devoted spanker known to us all as Asa – we hope she will enjoy her just desserts………

    otherwise catching up and the the Old Silk Mill is a just perfect location – what a find

  2. Dear Reader

    What a lovely time we had. All of us looking ready for class and in the same gorgeous uniforms. I knew the school photo session was a little suspicious when we were asked to put our best soft blue school knickers

    After a group photo we were ‘invited’ to individually attend Sir’s Study. And I was not wrong about being a little suspicious because within moments I was bent over to display my tight blue knickers. It was a foregone conclusion that they would be lowered.

    After knicker inspection I felt Sir’s fingers on my elastic and then the cool breeze of the study on my bottom as it was bared. My knickers were deftly lowered to my knees, my bare bottom and secret places now devoid of cover were fully displayed and I had to maintain position for Sir to inspect. I was very excited.

    What was next you may ask? A spanking? The Tawse? The cane? I will let your imagination take the story forward…

    Love Suzette xxxx

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