Mr.Maxwell’s Desk…Photo Set 479 ~ Part 4

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It was Charlotte’s turn to sit at the ‘Naughty Desk’. She had been waiting outside the office door, probably hearing the spanking of Kate, which must have frightened the poor girl. I heard a brief exchange of words and then a knock. One naughty girl out, the next one in. Hopefully the fright of hearing a long hard spanking might make her think twice the next time she contemplates being naughty, as will her own spanking, but somehow, knowing her disciplinary record, I doubt it.

Her eyes darted to the ‘Knickers Rack’. She knew that Kate’s knickers would be there until home time, when she would collect them, along with a letter for her parents, to be signed and returned tomorrow. No doubt both girls will get another spanking tonight.

“Yes Charlotte, you do well to look and contemplate, yours will be on the second peg very soon, and will stay there until home time, whereupon you will be asked to take a letter to your parents, and you will duly bring it back signed, at 8.45 in the morning, before assembly. My Secretary, who wrote it, Miss Oakpine, will be in her office to take it from you.

Charlotte let a little scowl cross her face, she imagine her writing it, giggling at the thought of her getting spanked at home, and delight in witnessing her stiff, sore bottom walk into her office in the morning. Everybody said she listened at the door when she could.

I asked her what she had to say for herself, and as usual, mindless drivel ran from her mouth. She stood squirming.

I had turned the desk around as Kate left, Charlotte was getting a harder spanking and I needed room to swing even more.

I told her to get to remove her knickers and hang them above the desk.

She sighed, and turned to look at the site of her punishment, I saw her colour drain a little, then she proceeded to do as I asked.

You will see her hang her knickers on the hook, and sit down soon, so….

More to come


4 thoughts on “Mr.Maxwell’s Desk…Photo Set 479 ~ Part 4

  1. These photos are almost like individual cells of a cartoon or story board. Scroll through them quickly and Charlotte looks like she’s obeying your instructions to prepare for her disciplining. I confess that it got me hotly aroused, and I had to remedy that situation with a quick but satisfying masturbation session. Wonderful way to start my day; thank you!

  2. What a wonderful thought, to think that I have done that for you, through my work, is more than rewarding. Thank you for letting us know…

    …and you are welcome, I hope I can do it again for you one day.

  3. Those black plimsolls give Charlotte’s uniform such an authentic look, love to see your girls wearing school plimsolls

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