Three Spanking Fiends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 10

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Suzette the naughty maid had just been discovered masturbating as she hid, watching the three women enjoy a spanking session. The only plan she could think of was ‘Flight’, so she ran quickly through the door. What exactly she hoped to achieve was difficult to imagine, perhaps she thought a delay might lessen her punishment?

The three women, Samantha, Kate and Charlotte were not only shocked to find a peeping tom, but also very angry. The Mistress of all of them, Samantha said “She is going to pay for this, lets arm ourselves and go and hunt her down!”

“What is she hoping to achieve by running off?” Asked Kate as they went to the punishment drawer

“I don’t know?” Replied a chuckling Charlotte.

“I know what she will achieve by it, a damn good spanking from the three of us!” Samantha added as they sped along the lounge.

Encouraged by that remark, the three strode determinedly to choose their weapons!

Oh dear, it seems there is a storm heading it’s wa to naught Suzette’s bottom!

more to come…


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