The Pillory ~ Part One

A bit of a strange thing happened the other day. I do not tolerate infighting between the girls, many of my photographer friends are in awe of me for managing to keep a team of models so happy and friendly towards each other.

I have simple rules, ’cause trouble and you get a real spanking before the other, or others involved, an you miss the next shoot’.


As you know, my studio is spread around a large old industrial mill, the classroom and prop store are right at the top, and I slowly trudged up the stairs….this getting old business is a bit of a bugger you know. Who am I kidding, forget the getting bit, being old and decrepit is a bit of a bugger you know! If only I had the ground floor.

As I reached the blue double door I heard shouting, it was Suzette! “What the hell?” I thought. She is supposed to be the Emporium’s House Submissive, and must do as everyone tells her, like it or not, or be punished.

I stood the other side of the door, listening.

“The Reverend made it for me, not you!” She was actually stamping her foot in a naughty silly little girl fashion. She went on and on…”It was my present! He measure me up for it! And what happens? I look on Mr.Jones site an there you are with you fat arse stuck out of it!”

I thought I would let her dig a bigger hole, so stood a while. Listening.

She, as always, looking a million dollars in her designer ware, was giving Kate a bollocking of biblical proportions! All over a beautiful Pillory, made by one of my main followers and close friend, the Reverend J. A vicar with a penchant for the female bare bottom.

It was made for the studio, as a way of a thank you from him, for being able to use it when I am not there. He did measure Suzette, but it was not just for her!!

She went on and on, her voice getting louder and louder. She is such a warm person, caring, but she was jealous and getting more than a little spiteful. “Oh we know you are a favourite and get loads of comments on your bottom, well….I’ll tell you what young lady, stick your head in here, I’ll show you whose Pillory it is!!”

Good Lord, she was going to punish Kate. Kate as you know, is submissive too. My manhood went quite hard as I listened, listening to a spanking behind a closed door is quite arousing!

I heard Kate make her way to the apparatus, meekly. I have to confess, that my hand was by now wrapped around my manhood and slowly stroking. I could picture the scene clearly.

The Mill is a big building with lots of corridors, and you can hear people echoing their approach. Standing there in the quiet, masturbating was very erotic as I listened. I overheard her say that she was going to bare her bottom.

I have spanked Kate thousands of times, but to listen like this was amazing.

The sound of Suzette describing her actions and Kate going ‘ooooh errr.’ Was so damn sexy!

My grip tightened, the stroke length grew, and speed increased.

Part Two…

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More to come…


6 thoughts on “The Pillory ~ Part One

  1. I’m so glad to see the pillory in use. As you can see, escape from it is impossible once the poor girl has been locked into it. I do hope that Suzette was not too jealous to see Kate thus imprisoned, I’m sure her time will come.

    The head stock can also be lowered to the ground, and the girl’s legs secured in the air – nursery spank style, so do feel free to try it in that configuration. It will be quite revealing and humiliating for the victim, but that’s only to be expected!

    Rev J

  2. It is a great addition to the studio, you did a first class job of invention and manufacture….well done, and once again, thank you very much.

  3. Suzette in her dominant mode – wow – lovely photos of the two of them, Kate’s facial expressions are great and Suzette looking stern but very attractive. New apparatus needs to be properly commissioned.
    Well done and best wishes to all

  4. Dear reader

    I was jolly naughty, but had the heavens not opened I was lined up to be the first recipient of the Pillory. I really was looking forward to being bared, bent and constrained within its expertly crafted wooden frame.

    Alas it was the day of the great storm and we had to leave early as there was a real danger of flooding locally. I did love spanking Kate though. She is rather beautiful.

    I had no idea sir was outside, and I did get quite carried away!

    Love Suzette xx

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