Three Spanking Friends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 12

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Charlotte chose the cane, and Samantha took one too. The three women were armed and dangerous. They were off to track down their quarry.

Samantha deftly closed the pastel blue painted pine drawer with her bottom. The others looked on admiringly, Samantha seemed to do everything so sexily, and elegantly.

As soon as the drawer slid to a close, the three girls stopped smiling and the whole atmosphere changed. The maid had spied on them spanking each other, she had masturbated as she did so, when caught, she did not stop, she ran, she disobeyed them. She needed teaching a lesson.

Do you remember the thrill of hide and seek as a child? The fear and excitement of being caught, trembling and listening to your heart and your breathing?

Well….imagine Suzette, wherever she is, hiding from these three. And after hearing their voices and a drawer slide shut, hearing footsteps, determined angry eager footsteps coming her way! Imagine the fear!

The chase was on….”Tally Ho!”

Like a tired fox behind a bush. Suzette was keeping still, in the distance, like the rumbling hooves of thoroughbred horsed, and the yelping of hounds, the three girls were on the hunt. Each one uttering threats.

They looked very serious.

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