Photo Set 497 ~ Kate, Neddy, and a big circle!

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We were shooting for the ‘Mr’s Walters’ story in the upper studio, at the top of the old mill, and spent a little time with Neddy, the Spanking Horse, Kate spotted it again you see, and that was it, she had to have a ride!. If you view my stories and sets, you will see all my girls in turn on it, being spanked or riding it with just the right contact, in the right area…wink wink…

“Okay then Kate, are you ready for a gallop?”

“Oh Yes, definitely Mr. Jones!”

She likes Neddy. One day I had her galloping in a full Victorian Maids outfit, all bunched up…it was amazing! She loves Neddy.

Over the years I have spanked many girls on Neddy, it is a favourite with the horsey type, but by no means exclusive to them. I never have counted how many clients I have had over the years, but it is a lot. The best rides is when I take them on a gallop, they rock away as fast, and as high, as the can whilst I use a crop on their bare bottom….”Come on girl, faster, faster, rock it more, ou will never clear this river ahead…come on….come on….WHACK!!! you did it! Oh…there is a hedge coming up, gallop fast now….NO!!! I MEAN REALLY FAST!! whack whack whack whack whack whack whack whack whack…. Ideally in a jacket, and I like them in a white blouse, neck tie and top hat,… best of all!

If you go to my video sales page, you will find one where Charlotte whacks a girl who is galloping very fast on it, she doesn’t half sweat! Charlotte does too! But we did not have the saddle on, we had a rather nice suction dildo instead!


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