Three girls witness a caning… Photo Set 499

Yesterday you saw a protected post, that is because faces of my spanking club are visible….this was a club event you see, the girls were putting on a show for the guests.

Here are some of the photos cropped, to protect club members identity.

The young lady taking the caning is our club submissive, Suzette.

We played a role-play, I was a shopkeeper, who caught four girls, one of them was stealing, I did not know who had taken the chocolate bars.

Another member was the Headmaster, who had the pleasure of dealing out the cane..

The rest of the members were gathered around to witness a real caning on a naughty girls bare bottom, and to meet my girls.

In the role play, we caught the girl out, and she was caned in front of the three girls she had tried to shift the blame on to. It was a good hard real caning.

Fourteen strokes, up to this point.

More to come.


4 thoughts on “Three girls witness a caning… Photo Set 499

  1. Dear reader

    That Reverend can certainly create drama in the punishment room. Before taking up position I had to stand in front of him and the girls to receive my sentence. I was quite shocked that I was to be given in his words ‘a dozen a least’. The girls gasped.

    I duly took my place at the end of the horse and waited until commanded to position myself for punishment. I climbed up and after a nervous wait the cane swished down and down.

    My bottom already stinging after a serious spanking was now even more on fire. I have to say though that each stroke made me tingle somewhere else too…

    Nothing prepared me though for what happened next. However Asa my disciplinarian who over-saw the above proceedings loves to spin a story out! We will all have to wait and see for the next instalment. He he!

    Has that cost me a sound spanking when I meet sir again?! Hope so!

    Suzette xx

  2. All three girls look suitably worried as they witness the cane biting in to your lovely backside; must have really hurt but seemingly you enjoyed it as well – naughty girl!!

    I’m a great fan of the traditional horses for corporal punishment; they show of a young lady’s bottom to perfection!

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