My Christmas Day Post ~ Photo Set 500 ~ ‘From Kate…’

500 sets, ain’t that something? I doubt I will live long enough to get to 1000, but do you know what? I am going to try!…

The way I portray my girls on here, is how they are.

Samantha, you can tell she is a Domme, we have had one or two heated exchanges on various ideas over the years, but we get on very well, despite us both refusing to back down on ideas we have…::chuckle::

Charlotte, she’s funny and naughty and is always giggling at something. Her facial expressions are superb, and often comical. She gets in trouble, and is delightfully sulky.

And Kate, the spiritual one, quietly spoken, and soothing. It is her who gets the honour of being number 500.

I have mentioned that for a month or two our little group has had to adjust to changes in life, Kate has been a real treasure, lets spend some time with her…

She loves everything about the old mill where my studio is. Its’ atmosphere and friendly feeling. seems to absorb her. I am quite likely to find her looking thoughtful as she strokes an old timber support.

This staircase is her favourite, the smell of age, the creak, the light, the ceiling, everything. From now on this is Kate’s Stairs.

She asked me to do a shoot on it, so here she is, on her very own stairway to heaven. The photos are not doctored in any way, natural light, natural shadows and darkness… is exactly as it is.

The stairs are quite steep and long, I need studio lights to shoot at the bottom. “Come on Mr.Jones, keep up!” She laughs.

I should have added, impish, cheeky and naughty to her description, because, typically, her own character, cut into the shoot of this little set. I was directing, a bit seriously, as usual, which always seems to amuse her. I often catch her with an amused smile, observing my antics…(where have I put my bloody camera? etc etc) …I said….”When you get to the top step, bend over as if you are to be spanked on the stairs.”

Do you know what she did?

She giggled, a sure sign that naughtiness is afoot, and said. “No I won’t, and I bet you can’t take a photo before I hide!”

I did my best to chase her…epic fail, but I did get a photo, then my search began. I think she had her little ruse in her mind from the moment she asked me asked to shoot her on her staircase. She likes ‘hide and seek with a spanking twist’… I soon found the naughty girl and spanked her, as you will see soon.

More to come, yes, lots and lots more to come….I hope you are glad about that!

Asa…I dedicate this set to my dear friend Brigitte, whom I know, even though she has not said, thinks of herself in this dress, being spanked by me, on the bare, in my study.

3 thoughts on “My Christmas Day Post ~ Photo Set 500 ~ ‘From Kate…’

  1. Kate looking great in her gingham dress …can’t wait to see her once she’s been spanked or caned or both?

  2. Thank you Mr.Jones…..well, you cuaght me a spanked me. It was perfect,as was everything we did on that lovely day. Merry Christmas everybody xxxxx

  3. Mmmm…. lovely pictures of the ever-so-naughty Kate. I’d love to chase her up those stairs, but with my knackered knees, would be unlikely to have much luck catching her . I’d have probably put a bit of a spurt on when she pulled her navy knickers down though.

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