Photo Set 507 ~ the Experiment

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“Good morning Kate.”

Being the humorous young lady she is, she salutes, and replies. “Morning Boss!”, with her usual smile.

“I have had an idea.” I announce.

“Oooh that’s unusual, is it a good one Boss?” She chuckles.

Why she has decided to call me Boss today I do not know, she does these quirky things and I find them quite charming.

“Is it a good one?” She asks.

I think she is making fun of m ways, and say ‘I think so.’ Before asking her to sit on the big, long spanking chair I have shown you recently.

She sits. Looking smart and suddenly quite serious.

I explain to her, that I think the chair might take three, possibly four girls side by side.

“It depends on the bottoms you choose Mr.Jones”, she titters.

“Well yes it does. But I want you all sitting in a row, facing backwards with your legs through the back of the seat.”

“Oh.” She smiles, not at all surprised.

“Tell you what though Kate, you look fabulous sat there in our green gingham dress, let me take a few photos of you showing your knickers and bottom”…

I can clearly remember at this point, taking a minute to think….”isn’t this wonderful, to know my girls as I do, and that this….(asking a girl to dress up is school uniform and show me her bare bottom,) seems normal to me, and her.

“Put your hands on your head, please Kate.”

“Of course.”

I stand up, (with a groan, it’s bloody hard getting old you know, what used to be easy, just isn’t any more…::sad sigh::)

“Time to commence the experiment Kate.” I say as I trudge to get a chair. If this works, I will use school furniture, probably a form. (a form is the low wooden bench, often used in P.E. lessons in England)

“Can you turn around, rest your shoulders or whatever on here, with your bare lower half through the seat please Kate.”

“Of course.” She says again, as she does many times at every shoot.

I settle her down and move to the other side of the seat to her head.

And now the experiment begins, can I get her to raise her legs into the diaper position and is she easily spankable? If so, can I get three or four girls to do it together, will I need some form of bar to put behind their knees….hmmm, lets see….

You will see in part two.


6 thoughts on “Photo Set 507 ~ the Experiment

  1. I’m with you Fred. Always had a fetish for navy knickers ! Poor old Kate though, Asa has come up with some uncomfortable looking positions for her. Possibly more ‘discomfort’ to come?

  2. It’s a lovely idea,but I doubt the young ladies would be able to
    hold the position without help.They would be unable to loop their
    own arms behind their legs to hold them aloft.I could be wrong though.
    And yes Kates full womanly bottom in those tautly stretched gym knickers
    is a wonderful sight.

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