Black and White Set – 19 (this is one of those that is more than a set, but not a story)

First of all, let me just say that my bedroom set in my studio is nowhere near finished yet. Naughty schoolgirls being spanked in their bedroom is a common fantasy, and this is a test of the distance and room I have left for me to shoot in, so I can use it in various scenarios. It is a bit tight, but lets see…

You will see that I have tinted these slightly, to varying degrees. I needed something to bring out the depth with a black wall. A bit of experimenting going on!


Kate has been punished at school, they have sent her home, in disgrace for being caught cheating in a test and not having done her homework, again, as well as being very rude to her teacher. She is excluded for the rest of the week. It is only Monday! They told Kate that they had rung her home, and Mummy is expecting her. The School Secretary has just dropped her off, and has had to verify that her Mummy has her safely at home.

Mummy pulled her in by the ear, and as the door slammed the shouting started. Smiling to herself as she walked to the garden gate slowly, she could hear key words and phrases…naughty girl, I have rung Daddy, your spanking at school with be nothing compared to what Daddy does when he gets home, get up to your room etc…Accompanied by pleading, begging, and many pleas for mercy, and many profuse apologies.

All to no avail.

The School Secretary on her arrival back, (after a coffee in her favourite cafe) has testified with a chuckle that she is definitely home. We have just had tea and a biscuit as she signed the saftey statement, and told me that it looks like she is to get another sound spanking on her already sore bottom. We chuckled, she deserves it.

…back home

The clock has ticked slowly, Kate seems to have waited ages.

Boredom set in and not quite sure why, she has already masturbated twice. Being spanked at school was her main thought in her mind for the first, and the feeling of dread at what was to come was her predominant thought for her second orgasm.

She hears a car door, and quickly removes her sticky fingers from the pulled aside knickers.

She listens intensely as raised voices discuss her crime and punishment in the kitchen. The main words that settled in her brain were……’getting my slipper, she will not sit down for a week!’

The kitchen door slams, she hears loud footsteps coming up the stairs.

The door bursts open, a very angry Daddy with a equally angry Mummy stand at the door. Worryingly Daddy’s right shirt sleeve is rolled up very tightly over his large bicep.

“Right then young lady! Stand up!” Daddy says very loudly.

She wishes she had closed the window, because neighbours are obviously listening and the girls who live close by have now come home from school. She hears distant words…..”Oh my, she is going to get it good this time!” and lots of giggling and chuckles as people old and young strain their ears.

Stood screwing the hem of her skirt up in distress and fear, she gets a telling off of a magnitude and length she has never heard before, all the time accompanied by ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ from outside, with much tittering at the juicy bits of her crime… the formulae hidden on a piece of paper in her sock!

Daddy tells her he wants none of her stupid, silly excuses, and tells her that he is going to give her the spanking of her life with the punishment slipper on the bare, ‘for all to hear!”

Mummy opens the bedroom sash window wide.

Kate begins to cry.

“That won’t save you! You silly girl! You have been a very very naughty girl! Turn around and face the bottom of the bed!” says Mummy as she turns from the window and folds her arms. “…make it a good long hard one Daddy, lets show the street that we know what to do with a naughty girl!”

“Well done Mr and Mrs Cowper, this is just the example that our kids need to hear!” Shouts the next door neighbour to a chorus of approval, and claps.

‘There must be a great deal of them.’ Thinks Kate as she is told to mount the stool and bend over the bottom of the bed.

The gathering outside was now generally quiet, listening closely, imagining the scene in the bedroom, and welcoming every command, sound and whimper.

Every new development was met with a little gasp, an ‘oooh’ or an ‘ahhhh’ and general muttering.

“Lift up your dress!”…was greeted with…..”ooooh the dress is coming up!” and little titters of expectation and excited exchanged glances, biting lips, and raised eyebrows.

more to come…


6 thoughts on “Black and White Set – 19 (this is one of those that is more than a set, but not a story)

  1. Nice slow build up with the pictures, and once again Kate holding up the hem of her dress nervously, love it. It works reall well in black and white.

  2. I did thanks and I have replied to that email.

    Just noticed there are a few creases in that dress. The top half looks fine, but the bottom half looks like it has been crumpled up, so I think Kate should be made to iron it in just her underwear

  3. I wonder what colour school knickers Kate is wearing? Hopefully, we shall see them in the next set. Nice photos Asa and Kate really plays the part of the recalcitrant schoolgirl, regretting her bad behavior, well.

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