Caned on the Bare in the Diaper Position ~ Photo Set 508

You have just seen a post for my club, because we know each other we can show our faces, the photos look great, but so you do not miss out, here are some with club members cut off.

This took place at an event, before invited guests…

Suzette, our studio submissive, is caned, almost naked, before the group.


12 thoughts on “Caned on the Bare in the Diaper Position ~ Photo Set 508

  1. How delicious.
    The cane can really access the buttock / thigh crease in this position. For added humiliation obviously the legs can be held up spread ….

  2. Dear Reader

    What a shock this was. I had already had my skirt, soft white panties and blouse removed and been made to stand nearly naked in just my long white socks, shoes and lacy white bra and face my tormentor, and for that matter the whole gathered group. I was then spanked, given the ruler over Sir’s lap and finally made to mount the horse for the cane.

    The cane was liberally administered whilst I struggled to keep my legs closed and try and preserve what remained of my dignity. As the cane rained down and did its best to raise livid welts I tried to stop tears forming as I looked ahead of me to see the girls who were avidly watching my denouement. Finally the caning finished and I eased myself off the horse, bottom glowing but also interestingly, a curious tingle between my legs…

    I was shocked out of what turned out to be a brief reprieve by the Reverend who announced to all a further caning was required, this time with me laying back on the desk. So I made my way to the headmaster’s polished oak surface that so many others had been bent over and had their knickers lowered to receive correction. The girls helped me up and laid me down, then Charlotte was instructed to firmly hold up my legs. I remember her feminine touch, it was reassuring and I needed some reassurance at this point as I was now to endure a further thorough thrashing with yet more of the Reverend’s cane.

    The girls gathered around my head uttering gasps as the cane started to do its work. The invited audience crowded in near my legs and already sore, rosy hued bottom only just giving the Reverend enough space to swing his long swishy cane. As they watched I could hear one of them count the corrective blows. Each perfectly spaced and timed swish biting into me. After many minutes and an ungainly wriggle or two from me which facilitated a display one would never get bent over a desk, the unseen voice announced ‘12’. It was over.

    i know that they all saw much more than my bottom as I struggled again to keep my secret places, well, secret! It was no use and as the tears welled my legs slightly opened after each well aimed stroke. The pain won in the end and I was lost in a submissive world of my own without fear of what the assembled invitees actually saw.

    It was however an amazing experience and I shall never forget being near naked, being held in position by Charlotte and seeing the expressions on the girls faces as the Reverend corrected me, expertly delivering such well spaced stripes whilst glimpses of my secret folds were seen by all. Amazing.

    Thank you to my professional disciplinarian, Asa, who choreographed it all and made sure the script kept flowing.
    Love Suzette xxxx

  3. Really love the second picture as Charlotte has looks jealously at Suzette’s shoes! maybe she’d like to swap them for my smart black plimsolls she thinks

  4. Unfortunately the lesson was not learned, and it was necessary to repeat the punishment just this past week.

    This time we positioned Suzette over the horse, but still in the nursery position. With my two church wardens in attendance, Suzette was stripped naked, positioned on to the horse, and held firmly in position, but this time with her legs a little open. This heightened the her anticipation, and I don’t doubt anxiety about quite where the blow would land, but I would not give her the satisfaction of them landing on her already rather moist pussy, and left her without the release that she desired, but did not deserve.

    The next time we meet, I may not be quite so gracious in her treatment, and may decide upon a harsher implement to bring her to book. She has in her possession, a small paddle I made for her, which if her bad behaviour continues, I will instruct the church wardens to apply liberally to her more intimate areas!

  5. It might be well said but I can tell you now that being naked, except for my long white socks and shoes, was humiliating especially when the Reverend commanded the wardens to open my legs further to expose my secret places.

    I had the double indignity of waiting, legs still open, for photographs to be taken before caning commenced. The cane, six strokes from each of them took its toll but, yes, I was ready to release and the Reverend cruelly stopped me! (Unbeknown to the Reverend I sat naked in the study once everyone went and thoroughly caressed myself, mmmmm!

    And no, my secret folds won’t need his beastly paddle. Yet (!).

    Suzette xx

  6. Oh wow ……….
    Poor Suzette suffering like that in public………… Her commentary is just incredible and shows just how much she loves this scene.
    This comment must also recognise the facial expressions of Charlotte – concerned and supportive and I agree she looks envious of Suzette’s shoes.
    Well done to all ……..

  7. What a stunning scene. Absolutely captivating like so many here. Poor Suzette is really having to suffer not only the much needed discipline but being watched while she receives it. That mental torment perhaps equally as difficult for her and the display of her is something to remember by all for a long time.
    It is brilliant that she has provided her own feedback so eloquently and described her shame.
    She does seem to relish writing a vivid description of the event but especially the compromising positions. There is the slightest hint 😉 that such things may have led to a degree of strange excitement. Heaven forbid.

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