Photo Set ~ 515

This is a bit of a mix, because in the corner of my upstairs room in my studio, is a sort of dungeon area. I am experimenting with lights, space for shooting etc and one day hope to use this in one of my stories I am working on.

Kate was the willing volunteer, we did it after the shoot with the grey socks, white vest, and navy blue knickers.

Pretend you are my assistant, and your job is to do final adjustments of Kate’s bottom and things.

This is a spanking bench with a cage underneath for an ‘unfortunate’ to wait in.

I think I need to put the mirror elsewhere, or at a better angle.

As you can see, the mirror did work, but needed twisting a bit, see here…

Lots of ideas, I need someone good at rope-work….Mr Gibson maybe?

This is just a beginning, it is being constructed….but now I know that I have enough range and need a bit more light….thanks for helping!!


10 thoughts on “Photo Set ~ 515

  1. Yes delightful but Kate really must be taught that to ensure stability, yes health and safety, her legs must be apart

    Also this ensures that although a gel can be expected to be a little aroused on these occasions she does not lose control

    that can be easily checked and regularly for any signs of excessive moistness, hence the secondary need for “legs apart girl !”

  2. I’m rather good at rope work !!….as I am sure Suzette can confirm….and in her case the reverend and myself were able to use rope and some chains to good effect …some knots were suitably placed to create a “reaction” shall we say …poor Suzette …I would love to assist in dealing with the delectable Kate …imagine her in the cage if you will ….what a delightful thought ….

  3. Excellent Max, we must organise another trip for you. I don’t suppose you would consider showing your face, so…. think of an outfit similar to Phantom of the Opera, we shall do the ‘Phantom of the Ropes’….just you and Kate, with me and my camera. Look on fancy dress sites, treat yourself to a cape and a white phantom mask please. Any problem, put my studio address down. A respectful spanking of Kate, can be your reward. You would think finding a volunteer easy, but it never is. Great bravado, but when it comes down to it….not many are brave enough to come and meet me and my girls. Are we really so scary? If it works, it could become a series. If anyone else volunteers now….well…sorry, your chance has gone. Although Jmaes has said he cane, but distance is a problem. So James….get yourself the same rigout.

  4. I shall take a look for the mask ..…the delightful Kate totally nude and collared and in a cage ….the mind boggles !!!!…

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