Black and White Set – 23

My Three Girls having a bath….

Testing the water, they have already had a spanking each, so they do not want it too hot on their bottoms….or knowing these three, they probably do! Looking at them like this, I cannot help but be thankful that fate positioned them all in my town, in a triangle almost, with me, not living far from the middle of it, and my studio just to the right of it. All of us loving our glorious subject of spanking! I look back to this day, me, with my camera, and these three as naked as the day they were born, what a glorious place to find myself!


In they get.

In these situations they chatter away, like three little birds in a nest. I am almost invisible, moving slowly.

Look here, Charlotte and Samantha chatting away…I adore them, and they fascinate me with their ways…so innocent one minute, and very naughty the next!

I cannot help but look at their nipples, I wonder what the adjective is? I suppose these few photos are very nipply!

And now it is bottom washing time, you must keep them nice and shiny for Mr.Jones to spank!

Double the fun with a well placed mirror isn’t it?

Imagine a flood and these three come bobbing by! I am sure there are gentlemen out there happy to strip off and dive in to save them!!

And now Charlotte needs a wash down…

On the shoot goes. Twisting these lovely hips, gently moving bottoms, clasping smooth breasts to get the nipple in the mirror right, it is worth the effort and hard work though.

I had nice warm fluffy towels for them…

“Would you like a cup of tea and some Victoria Sponge girls?”

“Oooooh yes please!” They chorus.

I forget to close the door and you walk by….

I come back to find them all on the bed…

I sit and chat, drink tea, eat cake…and…

more to come…


8 thoughts on “Black and White Set – 23

  1. Rub-a-dub-dub..
    In among your vintage pics section Asa there is a cartoon drawing of a robot removing the knickers of a buxom blonde.That one pic looks as though they are being removed for a spanking.But it is out of context unless seen with the other frames of that particular strip.
    It comes from a cartoon strip called ‘Carrie’,that was featured in the popular 1970’s glamour mag ‘Mayfair’.It is about a ditzy young blonde who always manages to end up naked due to some or other unlikely misadventure.And this particular one was called ‘Carrie and the robot’. Anyhow here’s how it went-
    A crusty old professor shows an elegantly dressed Carrie his robot and she is suitably impressed-As soon as his back is turned she meddles with the controls on the robots chest-The robot comes to life and begins undressing carrie (the knickers down pic was one of those frames)-The robot puts Carrie in a hot bath much to her surprise-She likes it when the robot gets to work giving her a good scrub-then she is over his robotic knees lying on a towel being pampered and talcum powdered.The final pic shows a naked Carrie being delivered by the robot to the lecherous prof who is sitting in bed awaiting-he throws his glasses in the air in delight as Carrie looks at him in wide eyed confusion.
    Don’t know quite what the relevence is,except….Have you ever considered building a robot? Lol.
    Great photoset!

  2. Funnily enough…….lol

    Thank you for that info, my word, you are exploring, well done OC!

  3. This photo set turned me on so much. It’s how I imagine daily life around your studio, naked beauties frolicking in the bath, putting soapy fingers in all kinds of tight places, giggling, moaning, getting carried away, getting nasty, getting spanked for it. They should each be spanked quite soundly on still-moist cheeks for lascivious cheekiness, one right after the other, in front of each other. Start with the tight drum of a tush that is Samantha’s, then with the perfect posterior that is Charlotte’s, finally on the maturely lush curves of Kate’s bum…

  4. Another typical scintillatingly hot comment from you Jean Marie….I need to take a bath, oh look, that’s handy! Move over girls…..splash!

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