A funny few minutes or so… One of those photos of behind the scenes, that you like so much…

Hello, come and sit with me five minutes, let me tell you a bit about yesterday….

Oh me and Charlotte had a super time yesterday, full of fun and laughter. Many cups of tea, lots of chatting, a good bit of work on the studio, and a small shoot. She has just been away and has a lovely tan, she looked very vibrant.

She showed me a video of her drunk, (it was a girlie break),…she was she was trying to get her dress off, Amber and Liz, (you have met them) took the video and they were laughing so much. She was trying to sing ‘Bat out of Hell’, at the same time, it is what she sings on karaoke….( well, she tries to anyway ). Lets just say she got in a tangle with the straps…still singing, and very much naked underneath. Very sexy and very funny.

We kept chuckling of it, she is rather proud of it I think!

Then we went down to the Chapel, to shoot one of my ‘Girls Sent from P.E. Sets’. Now remember… We were in a jolly mood after watching the video. I needed her to hang her knickers on a hook and had carefully positioned the props for dramatic effect.

Those of you who have met her at my events know how giddy she can be, she can giggle for England!

Well, she tried to get these knickers on the hook, kept missing and wobbling off almost, and started laughing. “Bloody Hell Mr.Jones! You don’t make it easy for us do you!?”…imagine this said in a strained croaking voice, as she stretched. Because we had been giggling anyway, anything would have set us off, but this was something else… I just had to take a photo of the situation. We could hardly stand up, and straight after this we were in each others arms quite out of control with laughter.

Priceless memories….I have so many!

We regained composure, but please, try to remember what happened behind the scenes when you see the finished Set.


3 thoughts on “A funny few minutes or so… One of those photos of behind the scenes, that you like so much…

  1. I think that’s just being ‘human’. Proof that spankos are normal….just with a special interest.

  2. You are so right David.Without saying too much,I have been in the company of a good many spankos,male and female,well known pro’s and regular Joe’s.I have never met anyone who struck me as a bona fide weirdo.Conversations can quickly turn to the relative merits of Lidl and Aldi,as much as anything else.

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