Important Announcement

On April 16th here in England a law was passed about ‘deepfake images’. Even making them and keeping them on your own computer is illegal and you can get a hefty fine, be stupid enough to share them and it could mean prison.

They mean sexually explicit pictures where a face has been replaced by another….but like all laws when written, it broadly encompasses much more.



A fictitious town with its own riding school, museum, art gallery, reading societies, art galleries, transport system etc and much, much, more, was a place created by me, to cater for the need of naughty boys who follow me and my blog. To read and see hundreds of pictures of naughty boys getting their well deserved red bottoms with oodles of public humiliation, before women. The photos which I classed as art were beautifully crafted, and made by a dear friend…Cromlech.

Because of this news report it italics below…(typical of newspaper reports on t.v., radio, and all mainstream newspapers), I have taken down three areas of my blog…

  1. All work by Cromlech.

2. The Domination of men by women. (to return after deletions.)

3. Competitions involving any photo shop work.

I was banished from my blog and nearly lost everything once for a picture involving nuns spanking each other, and some people from the deep south taking offence to it. It will not happen again. It took me weeks to get it sorted and come back.

So, read this, from yesterdays newspapers…

The British government today announced it’s taking a zero-tolerance stance against sexually explicit deepfakes by introducing a new law that will mean creators of such content are at risk of being convicted of a crime even if they don’t share the video or image.

AI-generated deepfake pornography videos have been around for a while, so much so that the content has become a genre in the more prurient corners of the internet. In 2018, a number of porn websites as well as message boards banned such videos, but it hasn’t stopped what has been called “involuntary pornography” being shared online.

In 2018, the actress Scarlett Johansson called the internet a “lawless abyss” after she became a victim of deepfake celebrity porn. Just recently, Taylor Swift aired similar animus against the practice as she also became a victim. With the rise of generative AI and the fact that it’s now much easier to create deepfakes, there have been calls to introduce new laws against such content in the U.S.

But the U.K. has taken up the mantle in this fight, with its Ministry of Justice explaining that just by creating a sexually explicit AI-generated image, a person could be handed a heavy fine and gain a criminal record. If the image or video is subsequently shared, that could mean prison.

Under the U.K’s “Online Safety Bill”, the sweeping legislation the U.K. introduced to tame the “Wild West” of the internet – it’s also been called Orwellian due to its invasive nature – it was already illegal to share such content, but now just the process of making it could get someone in trouble.

“The new law will mean that if someone creates a sexually explicit deepfake, even if they have no intent to share it but purely want to cause alarm, humiliation or distress to the victim, they will be committing a criminal offense,” explained the Ministry. The country’s Minister for Victims and Safeguarding, Laura Farris, said this sends a “crystal clear message that making this material is immoral, often misogynistic, and a crime.”


Like my stories, actions have consequences. So sadly I have taken down what so many of you came for. Sorry.