Mr Watson.

Mr Watson was a strict no nonsense sort of chap. If a girl needed to be punished, he punished her. In his mind he had a very clear and precise list of offences and punishment. He also kept a log, recording naughty girls misdemeanours and severity of punishment.

These ranged from a mild spanking showing mercy, …the humiliation is enough, he thought, in certain circumstances, especially before others. To a full blown thirty six stroke thrashing on the bare, before the whole school, with no mercy.

He was University educated, a Headmaster to be feared, respected and loved.

He knew punishment inside out. He knew how it lasted a lifetime. He would see a young woman in the supermarket with her children and smile, smile in the knowledge that he had striped her bare bottom and seen her pussy. She would know he remembered it and blush.

But, he was fair. 

Fair but firm, could have been written about him.

I think that as a reader, you will like him. I have met him, and can tell you now, it was a joy to meet him.

Let me tell you all about one of his challenges. A young woman called…(if you are a naughty girl it can be you) but for the story it is…Charlotte.

She was rather promiscuous, and very aware of how her beauty and shape could excite boys, and a fair few of her girl friends. Here she is…

She was a clever girl, and quite studious, but she was easily tempted. Especially to show her knickers and more. At lunch time she had been caught no fewer than four times, flashing her knickers to the boys whilst they masturbated.. For fifty pence each!

She had done detention for this, and had received the ruler on the back of her thighs. But she had had her final warning, any more and it would be a much more severe punishment.

She had a lovely singing voice, and was in the school choir. Yesterday they had gone to perform at a Cathedral, and had won second prize. Charlotte sang a solo which bought tears to the audience’s eyes. But afterwards, the bishop had gone into the vestry to congratulate them, only to find Charlotte in her choir outfit, legs wide open, and knickerless before a group of boys from the Grammer School.

She had just thrown her knickers onto the floor, they were all wanking madly to shoot all over them, and she was saying she would wear them on the bus home! These were the words he heard as he entered!

The poor Bishop had nearly fainted, and rang Mr Watson immediately, telling him that he will withdraw the choir’s award if he does not deal with the matter to his satisfaction.

Mr. Watson told him that he would deal with it, first thing in the morning, by spanking the girl on the bare, and giving her the cane too, also promising to ask her Mummy to come in to school afterwards, with a view to suspending her daughter for a fortnight.

When he arrived, he crept quietly to Charlotte’s form room, he wanted to burst in, surprise the whole class, and set an example by dragging her out by the ear, to his office.

Little did the naughty girl know, that her Mummy had been rung at work, and told about what she had done, and to collect her after suspension and a spanking. Both embarrassed and furious, she was on her way to school

What he found as he entered the classroom, shook even Mr.Watson.

“Oh my word!”

He found five boys masturbaing frantically as a group of girls urged them on. There was around five pound in change on a desk, the girl who picked the winner (the first boy to orgasm), the boy himself, and Charlotte taking a third each!

“Get your penises away, and get out of the room! Stand outside, all of you, until I fetch you in, one by one….OUT….NOW!!!”

Charlotte hastily stood, pulling her knickers up and began to follow them.

“Not you, you stupid girl!”





Much more to come….call back