Lucy on the Cross

Lucy!….energetic, eager, excitable, funny, and with a lovely bottom, perfect for spanking. And…she needs to be spanked, hard.

But today we are satisfying another need of hers. To be exposed, and to have pain inflicted on her nipples and pussy…

The thing with Lucy, which you have to remember, is that she needs to have her face not on show. Nothing wrong with it, it’s lovely! Especially her eyes and cheeky smile. No….it is to do with recognition.

So what do we do to satisfy her need to be exposed? We put a mask on, a rather sinister one. Just think, a person might say “I would like to spank Lucy and put pegs on her, and humiliate her.” …and we invite them along.

It could be someone she knew! And they would never know…unless she spoke. She has a lovely accent, and they would recognise her. Anyway….the rest of the set!