Up in the Purple Boudoir

Remember the secret stairway set? This is where Samantha and Cherry ended up.

“Oh look, a four poster, is this where we are sleeping?” Asks Cherry.

“Yes!” Says Samantha excitedly. “Together, naked!”

“Oh my!”

And in they crawled.

And in they settled!

I try to look after my guests and took them up a pot of tea and biscuits, and asked if they wanted anything for supper. They slid to the edge of the bed…

“I can see you are settled.” I said as I poured the tea. “Anything else you’d like?”

They giggled and came up close to the edge of the bed…

“Yes there is actually.”

“Oh yes, what?” I said, eager to please.

They leaned in close to me…

“A good spanking each, and then you Mr.Jones.”