Naughty Samantha’s Bottom

Samantha has been a naughty girl, and been sent to the front of the class.

“Bend over. Take your knickers down for a spanking Samantha, face the class, and tell them what you are.”

She bends over…

Looking worried, she says, ” I’m a naughty girl.”

She reaches to the waist of her knickers, and pulls them down.

I walk behind her, and give her a fast spanking, making her wriggle and squeal. “Now turn around Samantha, let the rest of the class see what a naughty girl ends up with.”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

She turns, embarrassingly to show her red bottom to the whole class.

Giggles ripple around the room. “I see you are blushing at both ends Samantha.”

A laugh circulates the classroom.

“Now place your feet apart Samantha, you can stand with your bottom on show until the end of class.”

“Yes Mr.Jones, Sir.”

And there she stood, legs apart, navy blue school knickers stretched taut, her blushing bottom on show, and everything else, for fifteen minutes.