Pony Training

Rosie bottom as you know by now keeps the ‘Blushing Buns Cafe’ where waitresses are spanked before customers if the err. She likes to keep them on their toes, literally! Either when bent over for a across their bare bottoms, or when they are having staff training, like today.

After the cafe has closed for the day, and with only a few lights on, they are alone. The furniture pushed to the side. “Come on girls! It’s pony time!”

“Oh goody!” Say her girls.

“In position girls!”

“Annnnnd, trot!”

“Ohhh lovely posture girls, well done, whinny for me! Knees up, good girls!”

“Now get on your knees, I need to pleasure myself…”

The two girls got in their usual position, and Rosie sat on the back of Kate. The girls bobbed up and down, which served two purposes. She watched the bottom of Charlene bobbing up and down, the ripples and movement exciting her, whilst at the same time pushing down hard on Kate, rubbing her pussy to orgasm.

More from the cafe soon!