Naughty Samantha at the Stool

Oh dear Samantha, have you been naughty again?

Oh good! It means that we get to see your lovely bottom again…

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In the classroom Samantha has been tapping away on her phone.

“Samantha! Put your phone away, have you any idea what I have been talking about?”

Samantha sits up straight as all eyes in the class turn to her. “No Mr.Jones, sorry Sir.”

“Being sorry is not good enough, you are being naughty far too often.”

… I place the stool at the front of the class. “Get out here young lady!”

She goes to the stool.

“I have told you before about wearing your skirts too short! That my dear is just a little step away from being a belt! The class can see your knickers before you bend over!”

Giggles ripple around the room….”Quiet!”

“Samantha, bend over the stool.”

I walk to her and hook my fingers into the waistband of her tight white school knickers. “You are going to get a dozen of the plimsol, on the bare!”

At that I yank her panties down to reveal her perfect bare bottom to the class. She lets out a little squeal at her exposure, and the whole class gasps.

“Come on, present that bottom properly, legs out straight, grip the stave of the stool.”

She does so…

“Legs further apart Samantha, and let’s get your on regulation knickers around your ankles shall we? Tomorrow will bring you to my class in a skirt to your knees and large bottle green knickers. If you do not present yourself as such, your bottom will be bared again for a dozen of the cane!”

And there she is, a perfectly presented young, plump, girl’s, bare bottom, for spanking. I noticed the shadows and just how beautiful her bottom was. But duty called, so I walked over for my size thirteen plimsol. Time to make her squeal….