Naughty Samantha in Caning Positions

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Here is our lovely Samantha bending over and baring her bottom for a caning for you. So please, go to the rack and pick up your favourite implement, select it by length and weight, with suppleness. Swish it around a few times, get a feel for it.

Not used to this? We.., tell her off, and say firmly, slowly, and strictly. (No need to shout, it is not amateur dramatics. Just be confident and authoritative.)…”bend over.”

Then stand to the side you swing from, and begin with the centre of the bottom. Adjust your legs and height, no rush, she has to do as she is told and wait. Try for a stroke that lands parallel with the floor, and keep the tip of the cane just over half way across the far buttock. Any further and it will wrap around too much. This we save for floggings, where we deliberately use a longer cane and do three from each side, deliberately wrapping around the buttocks.

Take your time, tap gently, keep your eye focussed on the target. Breath in, raise the cane, do not look at it, focus on the bottom, imagine your cane us still there, aim for the centre. Bring it back…higher…further…higher. Keep aiming. Lift the heel furthest from the buttocks, aim as if not stopping, as if it was a sword, hoping to cut deep. It should land with a deep thud, not a lot if bounce, that means you are stopping as it hits. As you strike your body weight will lift your heel higher, whilst the other foot should twist and its own hero lift, hence the floorboards in an area of the old headmasters offices. You can follow through, like I do, to impress and scare the class. I let it end up over my opposite shoulder. For dramatic effect I twirl it in the air before each stroke.

I pride myself on getting a red band across the buttocks with welts almost touching. If you focus on the target area, one above the last, one below the last..and on…you will achieve this most satisfying of rewards for your work.

So…off you go, good luck. Not to near the top of the bottom, but the sit spit on the cheeks where the curves join the thigh is fine, but I save that for the naughtiest. Six there teaches them a real lesson, but that is best over the vaulting horse with a stretched bottom.

And at, but not over, the horse…This is a good position for whacking the sit spot.

And that’s it for now….I expect you have seen me in various movies, and know that I talk from real caning experience.

More later