Karen Redbush

A woman I got to know quite well, who at the moment is indisposed. To be honest, at this moment in time, I am unsure if she will be back. Her real name is Karen, and this is the name she chose for herself on Tumblr. Why?

Obsvious really…

This is not one of my photos, it is from her blog when she explained her name.

As you know, I began to write an account of her spanking life. I am slowly realising that it will never be finished….sadly. However, she told me so much, and wrote so much on her blog, that I think I can fill in the gaps.

So this is a place to do just that, but first, you need to read these…




I am now sifting through my notes and hers, there will be more soon. At least now, I have somewhere to put it all.