Asa’s Black and White Classic Corner…

When I was on Twitter I used to put a few photos a week up in black and white, I miss it, so am carrying on here…

It seems fitting that the first one is of my dear friend Charlotte, who for a few years was my sub. I made this special spanking paddle for her bottom! The bow on the handle matches her tattoo. Here she is looking at it… Somewhat eagerly! Wanting a spanking.
Samantha in a wonderful position for caning!
Domme, Mistress Kenworthy, looms over her slave girl, Cherry, with menace.
Two freshly spanked girls, sit in embarrassment and shame.
Bottom bared, knickers crumpled at her ankles, Stephanie is ready for spanking.
Charlotte kicking and creaming over the vaulting horse. As Miss Kenworthy thrashes her bare bottom.
Kate cannot resist masturbating when and where she shouldn’t. I suspect that the thrill of possibly being caught and punished makes her orgasm all the more intense.
Well, today she had achieved that goal, by masturbating in a study room on the pretext of going to the toilet, hence being out of class.
However, the silly naughty girl decided to have a cigarette afterwards. This is her after just being caught.
Every Friday is ‘Staff Appraisal Day’ at Kenworthy Towers. Today the naughty maid Kate is getting her results.
WHAAACK….the crust on my toast was too hard last Sunday! WHAAACK….one of my pairs of knickers was not folded correctly on Wednesday, they had wrinkles in! Did you bother to iron them? WHAAACK….when you carried my cup of tea out into the woods, it was not hot enough, and there were no mealworms on the bird table on Saturday! WHAAACK….My boiled egg had the thin end at the top today! How many times do I have to tell you?WHAAACK….and on Tuesday, the pencil was on the wrong side of my note pad on the telephone table!!! How dare you be so lax?!?

THWAAAAACK!!!….I FOUND A TOE NAIL CLIPPING IN THE BATHROOM BIN, this morning, you know it makes me feel ill to see them!

A bit strict, isn’t she?
Taking careful aim with her dragon tail tawse, Samantha raises her arm, ready to strike the first blow. Eager to see the reaction and the red welt rise. Charlotte tries to present her bottom the best she can, wanting to please her Mistress. And like her Mistress, she can hardly wait for the first whack to land.
Samantha had been very cheeky to a delivery driver, and upset her. The woman aged about forty reported the incident to the reception, and pointed the girl out.
Lucky for the driver, but unlucky for Samantha I walked by the reception to find the lady quite tearful. It seems Samantha had said something about her job and that a monkey could do it. The Lady was a single mum struggling with a family and had lost quite a responsible job. But was happy and proud to have such a honest valuable job…quite right to!
I fetched Samantha, by the ear, and she confessed. I invited the lady to my office and gave Samantha 24 with the plimsol, on the bare…very very hard, as she watched. Then we had a cup of tea, whilst Samantha whimpered. In the corner.
Kate being restrained by Charlotte and Stephanie over the vaulting horse as she gets a full blooded six of the best on her naughty bare bottom!
That beautiful thing..a naughty girl, spanked, and now in corner time.
A naughty girl with a sore red bottom stood at the front of the class
A close up view of Kate’s bottom
Yes dear, I know that being spanked before the window is humiliating for you, that is the whole point, now keep quiet or you get another spanking and will be made to stand there naked!
And you can stay there for half an hour!
Yes I know Aunty Marjorie and the boys are coming! So you behave young lady…or else!
Even a girl in the Upper Sixth form needs a good hairbrushing at time!
Mummy had received a phone call from school and was waiting at the back garden gate with the hairbrush, poor Charlotte never even made it to the door! Now a group of kids from her school are laughing, jeering, and flapping at the gate, urging mummy on!
Even a downpour does not put Mummy off giving her naughtydaughter a good, long, hard outdoor hairbrushing!
Mummy knows that humiliation helps a punishment. The good girls next door are playing in the garden. Now, with the window open, they are stood listening to what happens to a naughty girl like Charlotte!
Charlotte is not sure which is worse! Bottom to the window for all to see, or her face grimacing in pain and squealing, whilst watching people point and giggle at her.
Oh dear…she has just heard the creak of mummy’s first footstep on the stairs.
One of Mummy’s special places….gripping the stair rails, with the front door wide open and hooked.
Charlotte waiting in fear at the amount of whacks she is going to get.
oh dear….two dozen gas just been announced!
The threat viewed between Charlotte’s trembling thighs!
Charlotte and her real mummy, who still spanks her when naughty.
You naughty girl, pull those knickers down right now and get upstairs to your bedroom! You can bend over the bottom of the bed and wait for this young lady!
From left to right, Samantha, Kate and Charlotte. All waiting for a naked spanking from their disciplinarian…..Me!
Kate excitedly waiting for a caning.
Even though Samantha had only just caned Charlotte over the vaulting horse, she pulled her to our bottle-green velvet spanking bench and made her kneel for a dozen with a hairbrush. Which incidentally, Charlotte loved.
Kate really loves playing the naughty schoolgirl who likes to masturbate in daring places. As I tell her the story she dribbles with excitement, knowing that when she is caught she will be spanked, it makes her rub her pussy furiously to make sure she orgasms before the spanking and, to be honest, usually after as well!