Karen’s Naked Caning

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Miss Kenworthy led the naughty naked Karen to the desk she had positioned for caning her over, and showed her how she wanted her to position her bottom.

For a few seconds Karen forgot the seriousness of the situation and imagined the roles being reversed, and herself caning Miss Kenworthy.

But normality flew back in a second as Miss Kenworthy instructed her to take her place. Which she did.

And then Miss Kenworthy caned the bottom of naked Karen.

Karen submitted totally, and in the clothed female/naked female situation, she took her beating well. Showing her inner feelings by pushing her bottom up to every whack. Which of course, Miss Kenworthy noticed, and delivered the remaining whacks accordingly.

The caning came to an end, just another woman, sent from the courts to begin her life as an adult schoolgirl at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.